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Waste wood, green cuttings, mixed construction waste, commercial or bulky waste - no matter which type of waste you wish to process or if you are in the field of soil remediation or manure composting - with Eggersmann recycling machines you receive your desired final product in no time. Single machines as well as entire process chains - we will guide you to success with our process solutions!

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Waste wood treatment

Waste wood categories A1 through A4

The treatment of waste wood can be done within two processes: Either by mere shredding of the material or by shredding and subsequent sieving.

Treatment of green cuttings

Composting of green waste

Composting of organic residues leads to a valuable, nutritious product for soil improvement. Organic material gets returned to the biological cycle and is not irretrievably lost as it would be the case with thermal processing. The process chain for composting of green cuttings consists of shredding, turning, screening and sifting.

Soil remediation

In case of organic contamination

In order to remediate the soil, the contaminated material is screened and a windrow is created. Turning the windrow ventilates the material. The metabolism of the microorganisms within the material accelerates the decomposition of organic pollutants. Then the material is ready for reuse.

Treatment of mixed construction waste

Shredding, screening, sifting

The treatment of mixed construction waste is done within one process chain: The input material is shredded and then screened. The last step is wind sifting to separate the material stream from plastics and stones. 

Treatment of commercial waste

Industrial waste processing

The treatment of commercial waste starts with shredding of the material. If the shredder is equipped with a neodymium permanent magnet (e.g. TEUTON Z 50) the sorting of metals is done in the same step. Depending on the desired final product, the material can additionally be sieved.

Treatment of bulky waste

Bulk waste processing

Bulky waste is processed by shredding the material and relieve it of metals. Then it is screened to filter out e.g. plastics.