Treatment Plants and Processes

Waste Treatment is Versatile – so are our Plant Concepts

The requirements for recovering recyclable materials and recycling rates are increasing. The processes are becoming more complex, the process engineering more elaborate. We keep track of everything and design customised plants for you that meet the demands of modern recycling.  

No matter whether you want to separate individual fractions, compost organic material or generate alternative energy sources from waste, we offer you process solutions of the most diverse kind. Would you like to get an overview? Take a look at some examples of our application concepts here.

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Recycling Plants

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The Right System for Every Application:

Sorting of Lightweight Packaging and Plastics

There are many different types of plastics, which unfortunately also makes the separation of the individual fractions very complex. But the processing is worthwhile

Treatment of Household Waste

Household waste has many faces. The concepts we can offer you are as diverse as the tasks.

Processing of Paper, Cardboard and Cartons

The production of paper, cardboard and paperboard packaging requires cellulose, which is best obtained from wood fibres - consistent recycling therefore directly protects the global tree population. Recycling thus becomes active climate protection.

Processing of Grate Ash and Slag

Grate ash not only contains recyclable materials, but can also be used in cement production and road construction. Therefore, reprocessing should definitely be examined.