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BACKHUS Compost Turners

Eggersmann is the leading manufacturer of sustainable solutions for composting. With working widths from 3 to nearly 8 meters and turning capacities of up to 6.800 m³/h there is no challenge, small or big, a BACKHUS windrow turner cannot handle. With more than 1500 sold machines in more than 70 countries and more than 30 years of experience, we can guarantee, whatever your task or problem: we faced it, we solved it!

FORUS Pre-Shredders

Double shaft shredders with asynchronously running shafts. Therefore, sturdy materials like waste wood, stumps and plastics can be shreddered efficiently, but also chewy materials like tires and webbings pose no problem. The separately reversing shafts clean each other reducing standing and cleaning time.

TEUTON Universal Shredders

TEUTON Shredders are made for highest demands. In addition to three easy-to-change hammer types for cutting, crushing and shredding, the TEUTON offers an adjustable comb with counter knifes to adapt the final grain size to the individual requirements with only one pass. Applications include wood waste, household waste, commercial and industrial waste, tyres, as well as bulky waste and mattresses.

TERRA SELECT Trommel Screening Machines & AIRFIX Windsifter

Screening and sifting technology made in Germany. Be it wood, stones or organics, we can separate it in up to three fractions with only one process. With trommel lengths ranging from 3.2 to 7.5 m, TERRA SELECT machines deliver the best results with throughputs of up to 250 m³ / h.

BRT HARTNER Opening, Dosing & Sorting Systems

BRT HARTNER offers a multitude of handling, sorting and separation equipment to compliment the most demanding applications, with an equipment portfolio including feed & metering hoppers, bag openers, ballistic separators, fine & coarse screens, trommel screens, air classifiers, de-compactors, bale breakers & bottle perforators.

Used Machines - Get informed now!

Here you will find our used machines as well as offers on behalf of the customer.