Recycling Machines – Mobile & Stationary

We Have the Right Machine for Every Requirement

Opening, dosing, shredding, screening, sifting and turning - recycling has many aspects and we have the right machine for each of them. Whether you need a mobile screening machine for direct cleaning of excavated earth somewhere in the forest or a PET perforator as a permanent element in a processing plant, you will find the product you need with us.

BRT HARTNER Opening, Dosing & Sorting Systems

BRT HARTNER offers a wide range of solutions for the treatment, sorting and separation of a great variety of materials. The product portfolio includes, among others, Moving Floor Conveyers and Dosing Bunkers, Bag Openers, Ballistic Separators, Fine and Coarse Screens, Drum Screens, Air Separators, Bale Breakers and Bottle Perforators.

FORUS Twin Shaft Shredders

FORUS shredders are rightly regarded as masters of shredding. With their independently adjustable shafts in terms of speed and direction of rotation, they even shine when it comes to material with a risk of coiling. In addition to waste wood and residual waste, they are also successfully used in the processing of electronic scrap.

TEUTON Single Shaft Shredder

TEUTON shredders are versatile universal machines. They can process everything from green waste to waste wood, rubbish, roots and tyres. However, they are not only real powerhouses, but also convince with an extremely precise predefinition of the final grain.

TERRA SELECT Trommel Screen Machines

TERRA SELECT machines are characterised by a particularly wide drum diameter, which means that the screening area is up to 10 % larger than with comparable machines on the market. They therefore offer outstanding screening performance both in terms of the quality of the separated fractions and the quantity that can be processed.

STAR SELECT Star Screen Machine

The STAR SELECT S 60 stands for screening with three output fractions with exceptionally high separation efficiency as well as impressive throughput. The star screen decks also guarantee remarkable machine availability due to many innovative solutions and concepts.

BACKHUS Compost Turners

BACKHUS is the name for professional turning in a wide variety of applications. Unsurpassed standard equipment and an exceptionally wide range of customisation options make our machines the first choice. That is why we are also the world market leader with our BACKHUS turners.

Pre-Owned Machines – Inform now!

Here you will find our second hand machines as well as offers on behalf of the customer.

Mobile and Stationary Solutions

Regardless of whether your work begins with volume reduction in mobile use or with the dewiring of pressed bales; we at Eggersmann accompany you with our machines along the entire recycling process. With our products, you can put together mobile plants for flexible, interplant use or equip complex stationary processing plants. 

Opening and Dosing

The processing and sorting begins with the opening of containers and sacks and the dosing of the input streams. With our BO and BOS Bag Openers, the BD Bale Unwrapper with subsequent BB Bale Breaker or also with the EWD Crusher for electrical and electronic equipment, we have a wide range of solutions for the most diverse applications. Together with our segmental D Feed and Dosing Hopper and the DC Decompactor, nothing stands in the way of an effective, uniform feed of loose, decompacted material.  


With our FORUS twin shaft and TEUTON single shaft shredders, we have robust universal shredders in our range. The FORUS shredders are in the medium performance segment and, with their asynchronously driven shafts, are also suitable for brittle materials and where there is a risk of winding. The TEUTON shredders, on the other hand, are heavy duty machines from the upper performance segment that effortlessly shred even the most persistent material. There is also a stationary version of both product series. 

Sorting, Screening and Sifting 

For mobile screening and sifting, we have our TERRA SELECT trommel and STAR SELECT starscreen machines as well as the optional AIRFIX windsifter in our product range. In the stationary sector, we offer various types of trommel, disc and star screens. The portfolio is supplemented by various ballistic separators and the BBS sheet belt separators. All screening machines, classifiers and separators are equally characterised by a robust design, high throughput and excellent separation quality.


Regular turning is the key to professional composting of organic material. With our BACKHUS, we offer the widest range of windrow turners on the market. Thanks to a wide range of possible modifications, the turners can also be adapted for many individual special applications. For the biological drying of municipal waste, we have the BACKHUS CON as well as the CONVAERO CON in our product range and for closed lane composting we have our LANE TURNER. 

Digital Control for Easier Handling

The interface of a machine control system must be designed in such a way that its full potential can be used in every situation. For this reason, we have introduced the "Eggersmann One-Logic Concept" for our mobile machines: Anyone who has been trained on the interface of one control system will intuitively understand the controls of the other machines. In addition, for the mobile machines, our Eggersmann Telematic takes over the planning of maintenance work, the transmission of information in the event of malfunctions and the clear processing of all machine data. For the stationary machines, this is done by the "Eggersmann Service Assistant App". The App even adjusts the entire process chain of the system fully automatically for an optimal material flow.