Mobile Trommel Screen Machines

TERRA SELECT: Perfect Separation Everywhere

Whether in landfills, composting plants, recycling centres, earthworks or forestry: the screening plants of the TERRA SELECT series are versatile and therefore a real asset, especially for municipalities and contractors. 

However, the versatility of the machines also requires a high degree of mobility in order to be used flexibly. Every TERRA SELECT trommel screen is roadworthy and can therefore not only be moved quickly at any time, but also optimally transported from one place of operation to the next. Depending on preference, we offer both wheeled and tracked undercarriages.

Due to the excellent fuel efficiency with all drive types as well as the maintenance costs reduced to an absolute minimum, the trommel screeners are convincing in all fields.

They therefore not only promise to make work enormously easier, but can also significantly reduce operating costs at the same time.


Trommel Screening Machine

The TERRA SELECT T 50 Mobile Trommel Screening Machine is designed for virtually all areas of application. 

Effective screening area: 25 m²

Screening output max.: 150 m³/h


Trommel Screening Machine

The mobile screening plant / TERRA SELECT T 60 trommel screen combines the highest level of throughput with user oriented engineering design.

Effective screening area: 33 m²

Screening output max.: 200 m³/h


Trommel Screen Machine

The TERRA SELECT T 60 mobile trommel screen can optionally be used with standard competition drums. It also has a height-adjustable track system with slope compensation.

Effective screening area: 33 m²

Max. screening capacity: 200 m³/h


Mobile Windsifting Unit

The AIRFIX V 60 mobile windsifting unit frees contaminants from oversize particles during screening.

Which Materials can I Separate With a Mobile Screening Plant?

The TERRA SELECT screening machines are perfect for separating a wide variety of materials and substances. These include:

  • Green waste
  • Compost
  • Soils
  • Waste wood
  • Pre-shredded construction waste
  • Household and commercial waste
  • Materials from metal processing

By now, our mobile drum screens are also successfully used to separate recyclable materials from discarded solar panels. 

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What are the Differences Between the Different Trommel Screen Types?

We offer the right drum for every application possibility and a wide range of hole sizes for the optimum separation sharpness of your product - our selection covers screen sections from 8 to 100 mm. At the same time, the easy exchange of the trommel screens allows flexible switching between particle sizes for maximum efficiency and best results. We distinguish between different types of sieve drums for different purposes.

Segmented Trommels

In this version, individual wire segments are stretched around the drum body. This technique makes it possible to create drums with a wide variety of wire meshes for fine screening of all kinds.

Punched Trommels

In this version, the screen openings are punched directly into the metal. This results in drums made from one piece, which are particularly resistant and are also ideally suited for coarse and heavy throughputs. There are different sieve patterns:

  • Square holes lined up in a straight line
  • Square holes staggered in a row
  • Round holes staggered in a row

The round hole design is particularly suitable for separating household and commercial waste, for example, while those with square holes function as universal drums for a wide range of throughputs. 

The particle sizes of the separated fractions naturally depend on the type of screening drum used. If three different throughput sizes are required in one application, our STAR SELECT S 60 starscreen machine is a good choice.

Many materials also need to be shredded before screening. The universal shredders of our FORUS and TEUTON series are the ideal complement for mobile use.

What Distinguishes the TERRA SELECT Models From Comparable Trommel Screen Machines?

The recycling machines of the TERRA SELECT series always have a wider drum diameter and thus at least 10 % more screening area than comparable products. The TERRA SELECT T 50, for example, has a drum length of 4.5 m and a diameter of 2 m - normally only 1.8 m is usual. This significantly increases the throughput capacity. The use of top-quality steel and thick-walled running surfaces also ensures that our drums have a maximum service life.

Independent of the enormous throughput capacity, Eggersmann mobile machines are characterised by further standard features: 

  • NRT - Noise Reduction Technology reduces the sound pressure level through a setup that is specially adapted to the machine. In the process, the values are reduced far below the standard. The result: maximum noise protection at the workplace.
  • MMS - The Minimum Maintenance System minimises the maintenance effort while extending the maintenance intervals. The machines are designed in such a way that there is no need to lubricate the bearings at all.
  • ASC - The Auto Standby Control regulates the output depending on the current workload and stress. If there is no more material in the machine's feed hopper, the engine automatically throttles down so that less fuel is consumed. 

In addition, all TERRA SELECT machines have our Eggersmann Telematic. This is a mixture of remote service and machine monitoring. On the one hand, you can have all work data, as well as location and operating material consumption, displayed live via the Internet on your PC, laptop or smartphone. On the other hand, the machine automatically sends malfunctions or pending maintenance to the responsible sales partner.

What Drive Options are Available for the TERRA SELECT?

With the TERRA SELECT you can freely choose between three different drive options: 

Our fully electric versions can be supplied with power via a power grid connection (Plug&Play). This makes them absolutely emission-free.

Electric/ Diesel-Electric
In our hybrid versions, electric motors drive the screening drum, the hopper and the discharge belts. They draw their energy either from a mains connection (Plug&Play) or from the optional diesel generator.

In the diesel-hydraulic versions of our TERRA SELECT, a hydraulic system is responsible for the conveyor belt drives and the rotation of the screening drum. The hydraulics themselves are driven by a diesel engine.

All three drive types are characterised by particularly low fuel consumption and, at the same time, extremely low emissions. 

How Does a Trommel Screen Work?

The material is fed into the feed hopper by a wheel loader, for example, with the hopper belt monitoring and controlling the transfer to the screening drum or drum screen. The throughput is then defined by the constant rotational movement of the drum and the hole sizes. The finer materials fall through the screen openings, while the portion that is too large for the openings is passed on to the rear by the inner screw and transferred to the coarse grain belt at the end. This results in two fractions that are ejected via the discharge belts. The fine-grain belt discharges the material laterally, while the large-grain belt discharges it behind the machine. The size of the discharge cone can be varied by using longer conveyor belts. Any more questions? Just take a look at the mode of operation in the following video:

How can Plastic be Removed?

The pollution of the environment by films and light plastics is constantly increasing. More and more often, these contaminants are found in throughputs, reducing the quality and value of the end product. But the AIRFIX V 60 windsifter offers a solution to this problem as well. The air classifier unit is attached to the ends of both conveyor belts of the mobile screening plant and ensures underblowing and extraction of the impurities. 

Can Metals or Stones also be Separated From the Throughput?

Metals are valuable and therefore particularly annoying as a contaminant in the throughput: For separation, there is the option of mounting magnetic rollers on the discharge conveyors. Powerful magnets will then remove these after the actual screening process.

For the separation of stones and other heavy contaminants, a stone belt can optionally be attached to the respective discharge belt.  

Does TERRA SELECT Also Offer Stationary Screening Plants?

The TERRA SELECT series exclusively comprises mobile drum screening machines. We offer stationary recycling machines of all kinds through our company BRT HARTNER. In addition to stationary trommel screens, disc screens, rotor screens as well as ballistic separators and much more are also available there.  

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