Mobile Star Screen Machine

STAR SELECT: Highest Separation Precision 

The STAR SELECT S 60 star screen is our mobile solution for screening with three output fractions. Thanks to its robust and sophisticated design, it offers an excellent combination of high machine availability with particularly precise separation efficiency and high throughput. Innovative concepts and the latest detailed solutions enable the screening even of moist materials. The STAR SELECT S 60 is therefore the first choice for screening results with maximum accuracy.

For Which Applications can a STAR SELECT Screening Machine be Used?

Our mobile screening machine is suitable for a wide range of different applications. These include:

  • Compost
  • Wood chips
  • Green waste
  • Waste wood
  • Bark mulch
  • Grate ash (waste incineration ash)
  • and much more.

Which Grain Sizes can be Separated With the STAR SELECT S 60 Screening Machine?

The screening results for all three fractions can be individually adjusted. This makes it possible to separate the following grain sizes:

  • Coarse grain 0 / 60 mm to 150 mm
  • Medium grain 0 / 25 mm to 80 mm
  • Fine grain 0 / 10 mm to 25 mm

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Mobile Star Screen Machine

Screening and Sifting With the Professionals!


Star Screen Machine

The mobile star screen STAR SELECT S 60 achives highest throughputs by screening of up to three fractions.

Effective screening area (coarse screening panel): 5 m²

Effective screening area (fine screening panel): 8.3 m²

Screening output max.: 300 m³/h


Mobile Windsifting Unit

The mobile AIRFIX V 60 E windsifting unit frees the material from impurities during the screening process.

What Measures Have Been Taken to Prevent Adhesion on the Screen Fingers and Screen Shafts?

The screen stars of the STAR SELECT S 60 are serially equipped with our special Eggersmann Duramax cleaning elements. These continuously clean the opposing sieve shaft gaps automatically from build-up, which also counteracts wear. The optionally available material design in PU for the fine screen stars also favours the prevention of disc formation. If necessary, the individual screen shafts can also be easily replaced within a few minutes using the likewise serial QuickChange system, without having to dismantle the screen cassette and drives.

Is There a way to Remove Light Impurities Such as Foils From the Material?

Impurities reduce the value of the end product and therefore we naturally also offer a solution for this challenge: Our AIRFIX V 60 E air classifier is perfectly suited to removing film and other light material from the throughput. In the process, the material is blown underneath so that the impurities are stirred up. They are then simply sucked out of the air from above. 

Can Metals or Stones Also Be Separated From the Throughput of the Screening Machine?

In many of the typical applications of our STAR SELECT S 60, metals and stones are also found as impurities in addition to films and plastics. With our magnetic separators and stone belts, we also have options for producing separate fractions here. 

What is the Standard Equipment of the Starscreen Machines?

Among other things, the extensive standard equipment of our STAR SELECT S 60 includes the following solutions:

  • Duramax cleaning elements
  • QuickChange system
  • IFM 7 inch touch panel 
  • Led - working light 

Our STAR SELECT S 60 also features our patent-pending SplitSpeed system. The screen shafts of the fine screen deck are driven alternately so that different screen shaft speeds can be generated within the screen deck. This leads to a very homogeneous material carpet and the best screening results. 

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What Additional Options are Available for the Mobile Star Screen?

In addition to the very good standard equipment, our STAR SELECT can be outfitted with the following options:

  • - AIRFIX V E 60 wind sifter
  • - Magnetic separator
  • - Stone belt 
  • - Diesel generator 75 kW / 80 KVA
  • - Remote Control
  • - and much more.

Do the Mobile Screening Machines Have any Other Special Features?

Our STAR SELECT S 60 has some typical features of our Eggersmann mobile machines. For instance, it follows our One-Logic principle - if you are familiar with one of our machines, you can intuitively operate all the others. It also has the following features:

  • NRT – Noise Reduction Technology reduces the sound pressure level through a setup that is specially adapted to the machine. In the process, the values are lowered far below the norm. The result: maximum noise protection at the workplace.
  • MMS – The Minimum Maintenance System minimises the maintenance effort while extending the maintenance intervals. The machines are designed in such a way that there is no need to lubricate the bearings at all.

In addition, the STAR SELECT has our Eggersmann Telematic. This is a mixture of remote service and machine monitoring. On the one hand, you can have all work data, as well as location and operating material consumption, displayed live via the Internet on your PC, laptop or smartphone. On the other hand, the machine automatically sends malfunctions or pending maintenance to the responsible sales partner.

How Does a Starscreen Machine Work Exactly?

The feed hopper of the STAR SELECT S 60 can be conveniently loaded on the left-hand side of the machine using a wheel loader. A special centrifugal conditioner with attached throwing shovels then ensures that the material is distributed as evenly as possible onto the coarse screening deck. The screen decks consist of many rotating screen shafts on which screen stars are mounted. After feeding, the material slides over these star screen shafts by being repeatedly thrown up and passed on by the screen fingers. However, only the grain that is too large for the distances between the sieve fingers is passed on to the rear. This coarse grain is discharged at the end of the first screen deck via the coarse grain conveyor. The smaller components of the throughput (medium & fine grain) fall down through the gaps between the screen fingers onto the fine screen deck. This works on the same principle as the coarse screen deck - but with smaller screen stars - so that two fractions are produced here as well: The medium fraction is passed on to the end of the fine screen deck via the medium grain conveyor, while the fine fraction falls between the fingers onto a collecting conveyor. This transports the fine fraction to the rear of the machine, from where it is also discharged from the machine via the fine-grain conveyor. After the material has flowed through, the stock piles of the three fractions are distributed around the machine in the quality required by the user as follows: 

  1. Coarse grain: rear of machine
  2. Medium grain: direction of travel right front 
  3. Fine grain: direction of travel left rear

Are There Also Stationary Star Screens?

Under the name STAR SELECT we only offer mobile star screen machines. We provide a wide range of stationary screening plants of various types through our BRT HARTNER division.

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