New Bag Opener in Ötztal

In the middle of the Ötztal (Oetz Valley) in Austria a bio fermentation and compost plant is build according to the latest standards - Bag Opener of BRT HARTNER included.

In the middle of the Ötztal (Oetz Valley) in Austria – near the place of discovery of the Ötzi, the man from the ice – a bio fermentation and compost plant is build according to the latest standards.

Before the biomaterial from the region passes through the new plant, it is processed mechanically, meaning that foreign objects and impurities like plastics, films, foils and metals are removed from the material. In order to achieve this, it is necessary to rip open and empty out the numerous bags within the material stream. The separated kitchen and garden waste is a supplier for biogas and compost.

The originally employed mixer with screw conveyor was not able to achieve these results. And also the use of shredding technology has been dismissed. A shredder tears apart and crushes the material too much for subsequent screening. Additionally, the acquisition and also maintenance of this kind of technology is too expensive. And even conventional bag opening systems have proven unsuitable. 

For these reasons the plant operators have chosen to purchase a BOS Bag Opener from BRT HARTNER GmbH, because this machine fulfills all necessary requirements:

1) It opens and empties out almost all bags – even the small ones with just 5 liters – without shredding the contents. The bags are torn into big pieces so the plastic foils can easily be screened out in the subsequent drum screen. 

2) The BOS Bag Opener is also not thrown off by disruptive materials like heavy tree roots, whole melons and so on. The transfer to subsequent conveying technology is done in a way that moisture and fine shares cannot leak. All in all, it is a “clean affair”.

3) The result is an even material stream of biomaterial, free of disruptive materials, which goes into the new plant.

Ötzi would be proud of his compatriots for their good instincts for functional machine technology. 

Andre Berlage
Executive Manager

Stationary Machines

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