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BRT HARTNER delivers the largest bag opener so far


At the end of October, probably the largest bag opener in the world went into operation in Chavelot. The machine is a special production at the request of a long-standing customer. However, the actual special characteristic is not its size, but the use of a new standard with segmental construction.

BRT HARTNER presents: Bale Breaker with new DYNAM-Floor


In order to unravel pressed bales in subsequent treatment for an even and loose material stream, it is recommendable to use a Bale Breaker instead of shredding technology. 

BRT HARTNER presents: Customised Hopper Solutions for Plastics Processing


Under the brand name of BRT HARTNER, the Eggersmann GmbH offers specialised hopper solutions for plastics recyclers. It is a proven alternative to tower silos.

Pre-treatment of digestates with the Digestate Dryer BRT HARTNER DCD


A water content that is too high can slow down the composting process and reduce the quality of the final product. The Digestate Dryer of the Eggersmann brand BRT HARTNER homogenizes, loosens and dries digestates and fermentation residue. At the same time, ammonia is driven out of the material by pressure ventilation.

BRT HARTNER optimizes tool coating of its proven and well-established Bag Opener BO


Under the brand name of BRT HARTNER, the Eggersmann GmbH sells Dosing, Sorting and Opening Systems. One of the most sought-after products in the portfolio is the Bag Opener BRT HARTNER BO. Worldwide, almost 600 of these machines are already in operation and open hundreds of thousands of plastic bags daily.

500th bag opener commissioned


In April 2017, BRT HARTNER commissioned the 500th Bag Opener at AGR-DAR in Herten, Germany.

New Bag Opener in Ötztal


In the middle of the Ötztal (Oetz Valley) in Austria a bio fermentation and compost plant is build according to the latest standards - Bag Opener of BRT HARTNER included.

A good investment


Feed and Metering Hopper of BRT HARTNER has been installed at REMONDIS Electrocycling GmbH in Lünen.