AIRFIX V 60 Mobile Windsifting Unit

Screening and Windsifting in a Single Step: Effective Cleaning of Oversize Particles During the Screening Process

If you use a trommel screen or star screen for processing compost and biomass, to obtain two or three screening fractions, then you know that contaminants are still present in the material in the form of lightweight plastics.

Alternatively, you may be using star or trommel screen technology for separating other recycling materials, and have also noted the high level of lightweight foreign matter after screening. This is where the AIRFIX mobile windsifting unit can be of effective assistance for you.

The AIRFIX V 60 Add-on for windsifting will continuously clean oversize particles during screening with a trommel or a star screen machine. Lightweight plastics, such as plastic foil or bags, are therefore separated out from the main material.

The appropriate model of windsifting unit will be used according to the screening machine type operated. For example, the AIRFIX V 60 can be added to models of the five metre class and above and can also be combined with third-party products of the corresponding screening classes.

The mobile windsifting modules are mounted at the end of the oversize particle belt. The oversize particles are blown downwards to enable the contaminants to be extracted more easily. Extraction is achieved with a suction pressure blower, with an operational power rating of 20.5 kW. The blower is mounted on a container, which is filled with the extracted lightweight plastic.

The full suction unit has convenient cut-outs for easy transport using a forklift truck. The quick-change device also facilitates flexible operation.

The AIRFIX V 60 mobile windsifting unit can be driven either hydraulically from a trommel screen or with an electrical connection from a star screen.

If you have been constantly on the lookout for an efficient and cost effective way to enhance your screening machine, then you have finally found the solution. Contact us today, and make contaminants in your oversize particles a thing of the past!

Björn Bischoff
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Suction / Pressure fan

up to 20,5 kW





electric driven
or hydraulicalthrough
Trommel Screen


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  • Range of application for windsifting unit: Biomass, compost, recycled materials
  • V 60 units add a windsifting component to enhance the screening process
  • Suction pressure blower with 20.5 kW power rating
  • Connection can be made electrically or hydraulically
  • Readily moved using lift truck forks or quick-change device
  • Efficient and cost effective solution



Eggersmann compost fine processing


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Björn Bischoff

Sales Director

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Fon +49 4407 9133-700

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