BACKHUS A 60 / A 65

Windrow Turning With Tremendous Performance

Product Highlights

  • Rotor height can be adjusted under load independently of the machine frame; direction of rotation reversible
  • Track clearer with automatic ground contour adjustment and adjustable independently of the machine frame
  • Eggersmann Track Control 
  • Panorama cabin
  • Wide range of additional options

Technical Highlights

  • Power: up to 354 kW (475 hp)
  • Windrow width: up to 6.0 m / 6.5 m
  • Turning capacity: up to 5,000 m³/h / 5.500 m³/h

The BACKHUS A 60 and A 65 represent our upper performance class and are therefore perfect for plant operators who need to move large quantities of material. For example, the BACKHUS A 60 can handle up to 5,000 m³ per hour with a maximum windrow width of 6.3 m and the BACKHUS A 65 up to 5,500 m³ with a maximum windrow width of 6.5 m. The size and performance do not restrict the BACKHUS A 60 and A 65 in their transport mobility. They are still ideally suited for inter-site use.

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Björn Bischoff
Sales Director

mobile machines

Fon +49 4407 9133-700

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  • Windrow turners for composting
  • The largest range of machine widths
  • Turnover capacity of up to 5,500 m³/h 


Windrow & line Turner


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The BACKHUS A 60 or BACKHUS A 65 models are the type of triangular windrow turner that perfectly suits your requirements? Then get in touch with our experts for the mobile BACKHUS machines today.

Björn Bischoff

Sales Director

mobile machines

Fon +49 4407 9133-700


Werner Hoefert

Service Coordinator Turning Technology
mobile machines

Fon +49 5201 7379 333

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