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Composting of farmyard manure with the BACKHUS Compost Turner


There is a daily production of large quantities of manure in agriculture and in horse stables which require a lot of space for storage and often causes odor problems. So the question is: Where to put the manure?

Optimally equipped for the future – Eggersmann presents pioneering solutions for the worldwide reduction of CO2-emissions


With Eggersmann Fuel, the Eggersmann Group has developed a trailblazing complete system for the production of RDF which is especially suited for those countries with the highest population densities and the largest open-surface areas with simultaneously high average temperatures. Eggersmann Fuel significantly reduces landfill masses, leachate and CO2-emissions while at the same time protecting natural resources. At the heart of the system is the BACKHUS CON 100, which is currently the largest compost turner in the world, with a working width of 10 m.

Eggersmann sells innovative drying system to Iraq with the worlds’ largest turner


A newly developed system by Eggersmann for drying of Municipal Solid Waste is being put into service for the first time at a Mechanical- Biological Waste Treatment plant (MBT) in Iraq. Contracts were signed with the client, the Faruk Group, in December 2018 at Suleymaniyah, Iraq.