Compost Turners made by BACKHUS

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BACKHUS Windrow Turner

Compost Turner


The compost turner BACKHUS A 30 impresses with its robust and compact design and is easy to handle thanks to its intuitive operation.

Windrow width up to: 3 m

Windrow height up to: 1.3 m

Turning capacity up to: 700 m³/h

Triangular Windrow Turner


The BACKHUS A 38 triangular windrow turner is the latest newcomer to the BACKHUS family and is a further development and replacement for the BACKHUS A 36.

Windrow width up to: 3.8 m

Windrow height up to: 1.9 m

Turning capacity up to: 1,500 m³/h

Preview of a BACKHUS Windrow Turner while driving over the windrow

Windrow Turner


The comprehensive standard equipment and optional versions of the BACKHUS A 45 Windrow Turner are impressive.

Windrow width up to: 4.5 m

Windrow height up to: 2.3 m

Turning capacity up to: 3,000 m³/h

Preview of a compost turner from BACKHUS

Turners for Windrow Composting

BACKHUS A 50 / A 55

BACKHUS A 50 / A 55 self-propelled turners are used for windrow composting, soil remediation and substrate mixing.

Windrow width up to: 5-5.5 m

Windrow height up to: 2.4-2.5 m

Turning capacity up to: 4,000-4,500 m³/h

Turner for Windrows from BACKHUS

Triangular Windrow Turners

BACKHUS A 60 / A 65

The BACKHUS A 60 / 65 triangular windrow turners ensure that compost windrows are homogenised, loosened and aerated.

Windrow width up to: 6-6.5 m

Windrow height up to: 2.7-2.9 m

Turning capacity up to: 5,000-5,500 m³/h

Close up of a Windorw Turner from BACKHUS

Self-Propelled Windrow Turner


The BACKHUS A 75 self-propelled windrow turner achieves the highest throughput with efficient fuel consumption.

Windrow width up to: 7.5 m

Windrow height up to: 3.3 m

Turning capacity up to: 7,000 m³/h

Preview of a BACKHUS Turner for Lane Composting

Lane Composting


The BACKHUS LT turner enables composting, drying and soil remediation to be carried out in lanes. 

Lane Width: 4.5-5 m

Turning capacity up to: 2,000 m³/h

BACKHUS Unit for digestate treatment within closed systems

Mixing Unit for Digestate


The BACKHUS LTC Mix, Digestate Mixing Unit, ensures loosening and mixing of composting material.

Rotor diameter: 1.4 m

Material height: 1.8 m

Biological Drying and Composting Machine


BACKHUS CON 60 combines the proven BACKHUS turning technology with the flexible CONVAERO system.

Lane Width: 6-10 m