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Screening und shredding technology from Eggersmann for processing wood and bio-waste


The Eggersmann Group has a wide-reaching product portfolio of high-performance shredders, screening machines and windsifters at its disposal to treat all kinds of materials. To process wood and bio-waste the company offers multiple solutions of well-known brands.

FORUS pre-shredder replaces machine from the competition in MBT plant in the Polish town of Marszów, near Zary


Since November of this year, the SE 450 – a pre-shredder of the Eggersmann Group’s FORUS brand – has been found in use in a mechanical-biological treatment plant in Marszów. The MBT realized by the Eggersmann group of companies has been in operation since January 2015 and was to a large degree provided using their own product portfolio.