Optimally equipped for the future:

Eggersmann presents pioneering solutions for the worldwide reduction of CO2-emissions

With Eggersmann Fuel, the Eggersmann Group has developed a trailblazing complete system for the production of RDF which is especially suited for those countries with the highest population densities and the largest open-surface areas with simultaneously high average temperatures. Eggersmann Fuel significantly reduces landfill masses, leachate and CO2-emissions while at the same time protecting natural resources. At the heart of the system is the BACKHUS CON 100, which is currently the largest compost turner in the world, with a working width of 10 m.

Eggersmann also has a new development in the mechanical waste treatment sector. A giant video wall enables the visitors of exhibition stand B5.427/526 a view into a large-scale highly-automated recycling plant for lightweight packaging and gives a sound introduction into Sorting 4.0.

At the IFAT Eggersmann will furthermore provide information about the enhanced bunker system for bag openers and dosing hoppers of the BRT HARTNER brand, as well as the modified and therefore more maintenance-friendly ballistic separator and the completely upgraded bale dewiring system.

The BEKON dry fermentation opened up new markets, for instance Mexico, and generated several major contracts. This as well as current developments in the fields of composting and biological drying will be subject at the exhibition.

Furthermore, the company expanded and added practical developments to its portfolio of mobile machinery. Visitors can experience first-hand the class-leading power pack, the new TEUTON Z 50 single-shaft shredder on a 3-axle chassis and the honed FORUS SE 250 two-shaft shredder.

Terra Select will present an established favorite in the screening machine sector, the Terra Select T 60, which offers a full range of detailed solutions. Another add-on will be the display of the mobile wind screening unit Terra Select V 60, a cost-effective air sifting variant for all compost site operators.

The A 38 brings a new and welcome addition to the well-known BACKHUS family of compost turners. Along with the usual high comfort of the existing models, the A 38 is a further development of the A 36 and offers a wide range of innovations including a new design with open chassis.

Björn Bischoff
Sales Director

mobile machines

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