Mobile Screening Machines & Windsifters made by Terra Select!

Screening and sifting with the professionals!

Preview of the Terra Select Mobile Trommel Screen T 40

Mobile Trommel Screen

Terra Select T 40

The Terra Select T 40 Mobile Trommel Screening Machine has a high throughput with compact dimensions.

Effective screening area: 19 m²

Screening output max.: 100 m³/h

Preview of a mobile Trommel Screening Machine from Eggersmann

Mobile Trommel Screening Machine

Terra Select T 50

The Terra Select T 50 Mobile Trommel Screening Machine is designed for virtually all areas of application. 

Effective screening area: 25 m²

Screening output max.: 150 m³/h

Mobile Trommel screen from Terra Select for two fraction screening

Mobile Trommel Screen

Terra Select T 55

Despite the basic equipment specification, the Terra Select T 55 mobile Trommel Screen fulfils all the necessary requirements for a professional screening process.

Effective screening area: 30 m²

Screening output max.: 170 m³/h

Preview of a Mobile Screening Plant from Terra Select

Mobile Screening Plant / Mobile Trommel Screen

Terra Select T 60

The mobile screening plant / Terra Select T 60 trommel screen combines the highest level of throughput with user oriented engineering design.

Effective screening area: 33 m²

Screening output max.: 200 m³/h

Mobile Screening with Terra Select T 70

Mobile Screening with the Mobile Trommel Screen

Terra Select T 70

The Terra Select T 70 trommel screen is designed for mobile screening of all types of materials.

Effective screening area: 46 m²

Screening output max.: 250 m³/h

Screening of an additional fraction with the mobile Screening Panel from Terra Select

Mobile Screening Panel

Terra Select R 60 / R 70

The Terra Select R 60 / R70 mobile screening panel operates downstream of a trommel or star screen to generate an additional fraction.

Preview of a Terra Select Star Screen for screening biomass and compostBiomasse und Kompost

Mobile Star Screen

Terra Select S 60

The mobile star screen Terra Select S 60 achives highest throughputs by screening of up to three fractions.

Effective screening area (coarse screening panel): 5 m²

Effective screening area (fine screening panel): 8.3 m²

Screening output max.: 300 m³/h

Preview of a mobile Windsifting module from Eggersmann

Mobile Windsifting Unit

Terra Select V 40 / V 60

The Terra Select V 40 / V 60 mobile windsifting unit frees contaminants from oversize particles during screening.