Windsifter WE 60

The Electric

The WE 60 Windsifter is a mainly semi-stationary or stationary and entirely electric Windsifter. Terra Select provides this Windsifter in two versions. The mobile WE 60 is mounted on the ABS 80 km/h road-legal chassis, and an entirely stationary solution is also available.

  • Both machines use the same cleaning technology. The material is ideally fed into the WE 60 from a screening machine coarse grain conveyor, then distributed by an acceleration belt. The material is blown through by the pressure fan at the end of the conveyor and aspirated by the suction fan.
  • Applications: Biomass fractions, screen over ows from the compost process, biocompost
Special features: direct interaction with an upstream screening machine, higher cleaning level, lower operating costs

Technical data

Acceleration belt length 5,650 mm
Acceleration belt width 1,340 mm
Electric drive 35 kW
optionally via generator 48 KvA
Suction fan 22 kW
Pressure fan 5.5 kW
Discharge belt length 5,800 mm
Discharge belt width 1,000 mm
Stone separation belt length 2,100 mm
Stone separation belt width 1,000 mm
Approved total weight 12,000 kg