Windsifter V 40 / V 60

The V 40 Windsifter can be used for continuous cleaning of coarse grain material when screening with a trommel screening machine. It is fitted to the end of the coarse grain conveyor. Air is blown under the material and impurities are syphoned away. The V 60 Windsifter is powered hydraulically via the screening machine or electrically.

  • The V 40 and V 60 Windsifter operate with a suction/pressure fan with a capacity of 20.5 kW. This fan is mounted on the container which is filled with the impurities to be syphoned.
  • The syphon unit is moved with ease using the prongs of a forklift truck or a quick-change unit.
  • Applications: Biomass fractions, compost, recycling materials
Special features: ease of handling, an e cient, cost-e ective solution

Technical data

Syphon unit width
V 40 800 mm
V 60 1,000 mm
Drive (hydraulic via trommel screen or electric) 20.5 kW