Star screen R 60 / R 70

The mobile R 60 or R 70 screening panel is used to achieve further fractioning downstream of Terra Select trommel screening machines. The screening panel is set up behind the fine or coarse-grain conveyor and powered by the optional auxiliary drive of the trommel screening machine.

  • Flexibility: 3-fraction screening if required, otherwise the full performance capability of a Terra Select trommel screening machine without the screening panel
  • Mobility: The R 60 screening panel can be transported on the infeed hopper of a T 50 or T 60 using hydraulic folding supports and a mounting for the rapid changer of a suitable wheel loader.
  • The R 70 screening panel is ideal for achieving greater throughput rates or as an oversize grain separator, thanks to the larger screening surface. The R 70 screening panel can be equipped for transporting on a hook lift platform.
Special features: cost-effective screening for further fractioning, folding supports for mobile applications

Technical data

R 60:
Screening panel length 3,300 mm
Screening panel width 1,000 mm
Weight approx. 3,000 kg (depending on screening configuration)
R 70:
Screening panel length 4,900 mm
Screening panel width 1,200 mm
Weight approx. 5,000 kg (depending on screening configuration)