Photo of a Terra Select mobile star screen

Mobile Star Screen Terra Select S 60

Screening Machine for Three Fractions with an Extremely High Throughput

You have high demands towards machines used in waste treatment, especially in the field of star screening and separation technology? High screening throughput with a maximum number of fractions, low down times of the screens used, powerful yet economical drive systems and mobile as well as flexible application options are only a few of your requirements? Terra Select – the experienced manufacturer of mobile screening systems and machines – has the right model for you.

The Terra Select S 60 Star Screen meets all your demands towards efficient and innovative screening technology while offering a number of additional benefits. For one, this mobile screening machine can be used to screen both biomass and compost as well as bark, waste wood and wood chips. It thereby achieves a throughput of up to 300 m³/h with three fractions. Thanks to a wide variety of steel and rubber stars, one can furthermore produce screening cuts ranging from 6 to 180 mm.

Terra Select’s Star Screens excels with a high level of mobility with its wide, one-piece discharge conveyors. They are located opposite each other and even allow you to move the screening machine when it is in its working position. Just like all the other mobile machines produced by Terra Select (Trommel Screens, Windsifters) its Star Screens generally excel with maximum availability – they are ready for use in a mere 5 minutes – and are of course road-legal.

This screening machine’s electric drive system with optional diesel generator is extremely efficient and allows for mobile, flexible use both indoors and outdoors.

Its generous feed bunker with built-in tilting wall makes this mobile Star Screen even more flexible. Thanks to this large bunker, the material can be fed by using a wheeled loader. The tilting wall prevents the material from overflowing during loading.

Large maintenance flaps guarantees simple access to the machine’s internals. The shafts can be changed equally quickly in just a few steps. Opt for a Terra Select S 60 Star Screen today and make long down times and high machine maintenance costs a thing of the past.

Key facts:

  • Star screen for various applications: Biomass, bark, waste wood, compost, wood chips
  • Throughput of up to 300 m³ per hour when screening 3 fractions
  • Electric drive system with optional diesel generator
  • Screening machine’s construction is maintenance-friendly
  • Quick shaft replacement
  • Various steel and rubber stars for different screening cuts available

    Want to learn more about the Terra Select S 60 Star Screen or experience the benefits of this screening machine personally? Our screen experts will be happy to advise you.

    If you are interested, have a look at our used machines. You might find the right entry-level machine for your screening or sifting purposes.


Product picture of an Terra Select Star Screen for three fractions

Technical data

Coarse screening panel length

4,300 mm

Coarse screening panel width

1,200 mm

Effective screening area (coarse screening panel)

5 m²

Fine screening panel length

6,900 mm

Fine screening panel width

1,200 mm

Effective screening area (fine screening panel)

8.3 m²

Throughput max.

300 m³/h


Diesel generator 72 kVA

Fine grain belt length

7,200 mm

Fine grain belt width

1,000 mm

Medium grain belt length

7,200 mm

Medium grain belt width

1,000 mm

Oversize grain belt length

2,000 mm

Oversize grain belt width

1,340 mm


> 7 m³


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Close up of the screening stars

Wear plates on polyurethane screening stars

Detail of the star configuration of a star screen

Numerous different star configurations are available

Picture of the compressor of a star screen

Compressor for cleaning

Picture of an wind sifter on the coarse screen of the star screen