Treatment plant for waste wood Lengede


In addition to the construction as general contractor, the engineering and the implementation planning, the scope of the contract for the treatment plant also included the procurement, manufacture and delivery of the entire plant technology and components as well as assembly and commissioning.

Veolia Deutschland GmbH

July 2023

Veolia is operating the plant.

Waste wood

The plant produces approx. 180,000 tonnes of wood chips per year

Group companies involved:
•    Eggersmann Anlagenbau
•    Fechtelkord & Eggersmann

Key Facts:
The system is used to supply a combined heat and power plant from BS ENERGY. To ensure the highest possible plant availability, a completely new concept was implemented. The plant has two entirely independent production lines that run parallel to each other. In addition, there are intermediate storages so that the material output can always be adjusted in terms of volume.

Gunnar Beyer
Head of Sales

Eggersmann Anlagenbau
Recycling Plants

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