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Eggersmann Recylingtechnology

Eggersmann Plant Engineering

Biological Treatment

Effective Utilisation of Organic Waste

  • Solutions for drying, composting and fermentation
  • Different approaches
  • High compost and biogas yields
  • Highest compost purities

There is an incredible amount of potential in biological waste - let's fully utilise it together.

Generating Energy and High-Quality Compost

Biomass can be used to generate energy and high-quality compost. In addition, the utilisation of organic waste is of great importance for climate protection, as untreated organic waste leads to uncontrolled greenhouse gas emissions.

Aerobic Waste Treatment

According to the name, aerobic waste treatment is a process in which the biological decomposition of organic waste takes place using oxygen from the ambient air. We offer various options for this:

Tunnel Composting

Intensive Composting

  • The total package: Fully automated control and running of the entire process for optimum results in the shortest possible time, as well as the possibility of batch operation.

Lane Composting


  • Lane composting offers many advantages - with the LANE TURNER we have the right machine. 

Windrow Composting

BACKHUS Windrow Turners

  • Our BACKHUS windrow turners optimise the composting of the material and thus significantly shorten the treatment times.

Membrane Composting


  • Emission minimisation as well as a shortened process time and reliable hygienisation of the material characterise the CONVAERO process. 

Drying with Membrane


  • The CONVAERO system enables highly efficient biological drying and reliable hygienisation with minimal emissions.

Anaerobic Waste Treatment

Anaerobic waste treatment is used in the production of biogas through dry fermentation. We draw on BEKON's many years of experience here. Within our group, BEKON is the specialist for generating energy from organic waste. 

Dry Fermentation

Discontinuous fermentation is a safe and biologically stable process. In this single-stage process, the fermenters are filled either with a wheel loader or automatically using a tunnel feeder.

Dry Fermentation

Continuous fermentation is a robust process in which particularly large quantities of biogas are constantly produced. Pre-shredded biomass is fed into the digester by means of a feeding screw.

Compost Fine Processing

  • Our system solution consisting of STAR SELECT star screens and CO2MPOSTCLEANER enables the targeted removal of films and plastics that cannot be separated using conventional screening technology.