Biological Treatment

Processes for Treatment of Biological Waste

The natural fermentation-based recycling of organic waste provides us with a potentially inexhaustible source of energy.

The fermentation of organic waste releases energy-rich methane gas, the high quality and economic efficiency of which makes it a viable alternative to fossil fuels. In addition to the recovery of biogas, Eggersmann recycling systems also provide nutrient-rich compost for use in the gardening and agricultural sectors.

Modular concepts, modern ways of optimising efficiency and flexible applications are all charecteristic of the solutions supplied by Eggersmann.

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Biological Waste Treatment
Recycling Plants

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The Right Solution for your Requirement

Biogas Production

BEKON Dry Fermentation

BEKON dry fermentation plants achieve high and constant biogas production through the fermentation of solid Inputs (e.g. source separated organics, garden waste, organic fraction of municipal solid waste, manure on bedding and other stackable organic waste) while consuming very small amounts of energy for plant operation.

Tunnel Composting

Intensive Rotting

With tunnel composting, large throughputs of organic material can be sanitised in a controlled manner within a very short time.

Picture of a BACKHUS Turner in action

Triangular Windrow Composting

BACKHUS Compost Turners

BACKHUS compost turners optimise the rotting of the compost material and thus significantly reduce treatment times.

Lane Composting with automatic Control

Lane Composting

BACKHUS Lane Turner

The BACKHUS Lane Turners enable composting of biogas and biological drying of organic-rich fractions from waste streams.

Membrane Covered System for Composting & Biological Drying


CONVAERO System - For composting and biological drying of organic waste with pressure ventilation and membrane cover.

Drying of Digestates


The Digestate Dryer BRT HARTNER DCD is suitable for the conditioning or thermal drying of wet and heterogenic material.

Pretreatment of Digestates


The mixing unit for the pretreatment of digestates BRT HARTNER DM produces ideal mixtures of structureless and structural material.