Biological waste treatment

Procedure for the treatment of organic waste

The majority of municipal waste consists of organic waste. Therefore, biologial processes for waste treatment are especially favorable. 

Especially the treatment of organic waste is crucial for climate protection, because: untreated organic waste leads to uncontrollable greenhouse gas emissions.

Depending on the project requirements, Eggersmann offers dry fermentation for biogas production from organic waste or different aerobic treatment procedures.

Dry fermentation:

The exploitation of biological residues on the basis of natural fermentation processes realizes a nearly unlimited energy potential. The fermentation of biological waste releases valuable methane gas, which is a great alternative to fossil fuels due to its quality and economic efficiency.

Aerobic waste treatment:

For the aerobic treatment Eggersmann uses composting - with the goal of producing high quality compost as nutrient supply for the use in gardening and landscaping  - as well as biological drying for the production of refuse derived fuel.

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Biological Waste Treatment
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The Right Solution for your Requirement

Tunnel Composting

Intensive Rotting

Tunnel composting is a completely enclosed treatment process and fulfills highest requirements regarding the emissions arising during waste treatment.

Optimized process conditions ensure that process goals are achieved safely and swiftly.

Membrane Covered System for Composting & Biological Drying


CONVAERO System - For composting and biological drying of organic waste with pressure ventilation and membrane cover.

Lane Composting

BACKHUS Lane Turner

The BACKHUS Lane Turners enable composting of biogas and biological drying of organic-rich fractions from waste streams.

Triangular Windrow Composting

BACKHUS Compost Turners

BACKHUS compost turners optimise the rotting of the compost material and thus significantly reduce treatment times.

RDF Production

Eggersmann FUEL

Eggersmann FUEL is a proven and solid procedure for the treatment of large waste volumes with the goal of producing alternative fuels, e.g. for the cement industry.

Biogas Production

BEKON Dry Fermentation

BEKON dry fermentation plants achieve high and constant biogas production through the fermentation of solid Inputs (e.g. source separated organics, garden waste, organic fraction of municipal solid waste, manure on bedding and other stackable organic waste) while consuming very small amounts of energy for plant operation.

Drying of Digestates


The Digestate Dryer BRT HARTNER DCD is suitable for the conditioning or thermal drying of wet and heterogenic material.

Pretreatment of Digestates


The mixing unit for the pretreatment of digestates BRT HARTNER DM produces ideal mixtures of structureless and structural material.

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