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Eggersmann Recylingtechnology

Lane Turner


Automated Turning With Membrane

Product Highlights

  • Automated winding and unwinding
  • Automated transfer
  • Proven BACKHUS technology
  • Virtually closed system

Technical Highlights



  • 2x 354 kW (475 hp)

Turning Capacity

  • Up to 7,200 m3/h


  • 55,000 kg

Lane Dimensions


Lane Width

  • 10 m

Material Height

  • 3.2 m

The BACKHUS CON combines the proven BACKHUS turning technology with the flexible CONVAERO system. This enables efficient turning in lanes for composting and biological drying of household waste and organic waste. Even fermentation residues and sewage sludge can be processed. They are also used in the production of substitute fuel.

Which Materials can be Processed?

Special Application?

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  • The CONVAERO system is based on biological drying or composting in paved lanes with an aeration and drainage system. The special CONVAERO membrane creates a closed system that can be adjusted to suit drying or composting. This allows water to escape through the membrane, but prevents new water from entering. Emissions such as odors are also retained by the membrane.
  • The BACKHUS CON are designed in such a way that they move along the outside of the lanes with the undercarriages and simultaneously turn the material inside the lane. In doing so, they wind up the membrane at the front and unwind a new one at the back. Together with a unique encapsulation, this creates a quasi closed system. Winding, unwinding and turning are automated. The BACKHUS CON does not have a cabin.
  • The BACKHUS CON and the CONVAERO system are also part of our Eggersmann FUEL process for more sustainable substitute fuel. Biological drying with the CONVAERO system reduces the water content in the biomass of municipal solid waste. This turns the biomass from an interfering material into a fuel. The net calorific value is increased.

Eggersmann FUEL

Refuse Derived Fuel

Are you interested in the BACKHUS CON 100 and would like more information?

Technical Data BACKHUS CON 100

  • BACKHUS CON 100 
  • 2 x 354
  • 90
  • 10,000
  • 3,200
  • 7,600
  • 13,600
  • 6,300 - 6,800