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Eggersmann Recycling Technology

Windrow Turner


The Most Powerful Compost Turner

Product Highlights

  • Height-adjustable and reversible rotor
  • Track clearer with ground contour adjustment
  • Eggersmann TRACK Control
  • Panoramic cabin

Technical Highlights



  • 447 kW (600 hp)

Turning Capacity

  • Up to 7,000 m3/h


  • 33,000 kg

Windrow Dimensions


Windrow Width

  • 7.5 m

With XL Track Clearer

  • 7.8 m

Windrow Height

  • 3.3 m

The world's largest series-produced windrow turner on the market impresses with an unbeatable turning capacity of up to 7,000 m³ per hour. Whether it's large-scale processing of biomass into compost or the industrial production of substrates - our BACKHUS A 75 is the choice for operators of industrial-scale plants of all kinds


Which Materials can be Processed?

Special Application?

You have not found your material? Do you have a special application?

Then contact us!


Maintenance Platforms

  • The integrated platforms make maintenance easier. They fold out automatically when the cooling and engine hoods are opened and allow free access to all components. Depending on the version, the turners have eiteher one or two platforms.

Panoramic Cabin

  • The panoramic cabin offers you special comfort. All-round sun protection, air conditioning, heating, Bluetooth radio and air-sprung driver's seat make the windrow turning as pleasant as possible.

Versatile Rotor Properties

  • For maximum process control, the speed of the rotors can be infinitely adjusted. They are also reversible and can be height-adjusted independently of the frame if required.

On-Board Computer

  • A 12 inch TFT touch screen display enables highly intuitive operation. All important information on the status of your BACKHUS is summarized here and presented in an easy-to-understand format.

Fold-out Track Clearers

  • Adjustable from the cab
  • Hydraulic with automatic ground contour adjustment
    → Better traction

Hydraulic Rear Flap

  • Reduces the windrow offset at the start of the crossing
    → Better space management
  • Standard with us

Eggersmann TRACK Control

  • Eggersmann TRACK Control is a load-dependent drive control system with an integrated load limit controller. The machines automatically adjust the forward drive to the resistance on the rotor.

Sophisticated Cooling System

  • The automatically reversible engine and hydraulic oil coolers can be operated manually. The air intake is from the center of the machine and is protected by removable panels for easy cleaning.


Fleece Winder

  • With fleece winders, you can wind up the fleece lying on top of the windrow and unwind a new one at the same time during the turning process. This saves time, ensures fewer emissions and the material always remains well protected.

Side Conveyor

  • For a continuous flow layout, you can equip your machine with a side conveyor. The machine then shifts the material by one windrow width each time it passes.

Mobile Cabin

  • The panorama cabin is also available as a mobile version. The side exit significantly reduces the effort required for transport preparation. It also makes it easier for you to get in and out.


  • The safety and dust protection curtain significantly reduces the emissions that occur during turning - especially dust formation and uncontrolled material ejection are significantly reduced. 

XL Track Clearer

  • The maximum windrow width can be increased by 0.3 m using an XL track clearer. This enables optimum space utilisation.

Landfill Version

  • With the massive track clearers and the wider undercarriage of the landfill version, you have good traction and a clear track even in the most adverse conditions.

Wheel Version

  • Wheels are the ideal choice if your BACKHUS has to cover longer distances on your site between the windrow crossings.

Concentrate Spraying System

  • With the concentrate spraying system, you can inoculate the windrow in a targeted way during the turning and thus accelerate the start of the composting process.

Irrigation System

  • The BACKHUS HD hose drums, which can be wound and unwound from the cabin by remote control, allow you to easily irrigate your material.

Camera Package

  • With the new concept comprising a total of four cameras, you even have an excellent view of the area behind the machine at all times. This offers you additional safety at work.

Eggersmann Management System

  • The System recognises the load on the hydraulics and adjusts the engine speed. This not only enables smooth turning process for you, but also reduces fuel consumption by up to 10 %.

Lighting Package

  • The package consists of main light, work light and fairway light. Strategic placement of low-consumption LED spotlights around the machine enables targeted illumination of the general surroundings as well as the turning area and the fairway in particular.

Are you interested in the BACKHUS A 75 and would like to experience it live? Then contact us and we will organize a machine demonstration.

Dimensions A 75

  • Work
  • 6,300
  • 8,450
  • 5,600
  • Transportation
  • 10,600
  • 3,350
  • 3,800