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Eggersmann Recylingtechnology

Windrow Turner


The Entry-Level Solution for Professional Composting

Product Highlights

  • Self-propelled – no tractor required
  • Compact transport dimensions for inter-site use
  • Rotor adjustable under load; direction of rotation reversible
  • Track clearer with automatic ground contour adjustment
  • Rubber tracks with high traction


Technical Highlights



  • 33 kW (45 hp)

Turning Capacity

  • Up to 700 m3/h


  • 1,900 kg

Windrow Dimensions


Windrow Width

  • 3 m

Windrow Height

  • 1.3 m

The robust BACKHUS A 30 is the solution for composting on a smaller scale. With a maximum windrow width of 3 m and a turning capacity of up to 700 m3, it is perfect for farms with a focus on livestock

Which Materials can be Processed?

Special Application?

You have not found your material? Do you have a special application?

Then contact us!


Mobile Turner for the composting of green waste and manure


  • Intuitive control
  • Robust design
Detailed view of a BACKHUS A 30 track clearer

Track Clearer

  • Automatic ground adjustment
  • Height adjustable

Flexible in Use

The BACKHUS A 30 has all the advantages of a self-propelled machine and thus enables the space-saving foot-to-foot placement of the windrows. It therefore does not require a tractor or an external drive. What's more, the extremely easy-to-handle machine can also be easily placed on a trailer, making it ideal for cooperatives and contractors in inter-company use.

Easy Transportation

  • Perfect for contractors
  • Perfect for cooperatives
BACKHUS Compost Turner with optimal access to all maintenance components

Easy to Maintain

  • Free access to the engine compartment

Versatile Rotor Properties

  • As with all BACKHUS machines, the speed of the rotors on the A 30 can be infinitely adjusted. The rotors are also reversible and can be adjusted in height independently of the frame if required.

Are you interested in the BACKHUS A 30 and would like to experience it live? Then contact us and we will organize a machine demonstration.

Dimensions BACKHUS A 30

  • Work
  • 2.600
  • 3.550
  • 1.950
  • Transportation
  • 4.200*
  • 1.350
  • 1.950