TEUTON Z 50 Single Shaft / Universal Shredder

Slow-running Shredder for Virtually all Areas of Application in the Mobile Shredding Sector

Will go straight from pre-crushing to end product in just one operation, when required.

The wide range of applications with the new generation of Eggersmann TEUTON universal shredders is impressive and virtually inexhaustible. The TEUTON series of machines are just as efficient at shredding recycled wood, roots, green waste or bulky household refuse as they are at shredding tyres, plastics, mattresses or batches of special and mono-material.

Like the other TEUTON shredders, the TEUTON Z 50 also has replaceable shredding tools. Where necessary, depending on the type of application, these can be selected and easily changed within a very short space of time. The (standard) Multi-Grip tool is intended for use with green waste, recycled wood, bulky household and commercial waste, plastics and even sleepers, while the Root-Grip tool can be used to further increase output with materials such as roots or shrubs.

Another prominent feature of the machine is the large and wide conveyor belts, which enable material discharge, free from clogging, with all applications. The material ejection height is up to 5 metres. The conveyor belt speed is continuously variable. 

Extensive equipment fitted as standard to the TEUTON Z 50:

  • Hydraulic hopper extensions, fold out on three sides
  • Rear conveyor belt with infinitely adjustable height
  • Minimal maintenance requirement due to MMS
  • Hydro-mechanical rotor drive for the fastest reversing intervals and high resistance to foreign bodies
  • Generous openings for material discharge
  • Tool-free adjustment of cutting clearance for quick changeover for end product size
  • Easy access to the shredding zone
  • Auto Standby Control ASC

Available as an option:

  • Where required, the optional sieve basket system enables production of finished product in one operation
  • Propulsion drive - enables the machine to move independently using radio control
  • Marathon shredding rotor
  • Neodymium, hydraulically height-adjustable, over-belt magnet, with expulsion of ferrous materials on both sides 
  • Ecospray humidifier
  • Ball adapter for easy manoeuvring using a wheeled loader
  • Custom paint finish
  • Eggersmann Protect Telematics System

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Length of rotor

3,000 mm



Maximum rotor diameter

max. 1,050 mm Ø


All Technical Data in section Downloads.

  • Control: IFM 7” touch panel + radio system with display
  • Diesel engine: 6 cylinder Cummins X12 diesel engine; large capacity combination cooling system with stepless, reversible fan
  • Total maximum weight: 25 t (3-axle chassis central axle chassis trailer)
  • Minimum possible maintenance requirement with long maintenance intervals (max. 500 hours)
  • Heavy-duty design and construction makes it impervious to foreign bodies
  • Neodymium magnetic separator enables ejection of metal scrap on both sides
  • Hydro-mechanical drive, continuously variable control of rotor speed
  • Maximum rotor diameter: 1,050 mm Ø
  • Length of rotor: 3,000 mm


Waste wood treatment

Waste wood categories A1 through A4

The treatment of waste wood can be done within two processes: Either by mere shredding of the material or by shredding and subsequent sieving.

Treatment of green cuttings

Composting of green waste

Composting of organic residues leads to a valuable, nutritious product for soil improvement. Organic material gets returned to the biological cycle and is not irretrievably lost as it would be the case with thermal processing. The process chain for composting of green cuttings consists of shredding, turning, screening and sifting.

Treatment of bulky waste

Bulk waste processing

Bulky waste is processed by shredding the material and relieve it of metals. Then it is screened to filter out e.g. plastics. 



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