Slow-Speed Universal Shredder TEUTON Z 60

The Simple Shredder with the Unique Variety of Applications

From pre-crushing to the final product with just one machine.

The new big brother from the Eggersmann allrounder family!

30 tools are mounted to the three-meter-long shredding rotor. The counter comb is equipped with 19 teeth. Its simple and sturdy design enables a quick and flexible variation of the distances between the rotor tools and the counter comb tools. Depending on the requirements, different setting options are available to react to the desired size of the finished product.

After passing the counter comb, the material falls onto the discharge conveyor. As an option, the machine can be equipped with a screen basket. In that case, the shredded material first falls onto this screen basket, which encloses the lower half of the rotor. The size of the finished product can additionally be adjusted with the screen basket.

Highlights of TEUTON Z 60:

  • The rotor with spiral shaped, exchangeable tools tears the material through a counter comb which is adjustable in 10 steps
  • 30 interchangeable shredding teeth in three rows distributed over the shredding rotor surface
  • Variable final grain size due to tools-less cutting gap adjustment
  • Increases of the hopper capacity from approx. 4 m³ to approx. 7.3 m³ when using the double-sided hopper extension
  • Hydraulically swingable maintenance door for easy access to the shredding chamber
  • Large and wide conveyor belts for maximum material discharge
  • Discharge height rear conveyor up to max. 5,000 mm (caterpillar and wheel)
  • Storage space for all options
  • Hydraulic / mechanical drive
  • Smart stand-by mode – TEUTON independently switches to its stand-by mode once material feed is halted and independently detects continued material feed
  • Central maintenance point – facilitated maintenance
  • Neodym magnetic separator whose working height is hydraulically adjustable allows for discharge of metal scraps on both sides


  • Screen basket system exchangeable without tool use (80 mm - 250 mm)
  • Remote Control (Track Version = serial)
  • Drive unit – allows to move the machine using the radio remote (Semi-trailer only)
  • Damping System
  • Ball adapter to facilitate manoeuvring by means of wheel loader
  • Soft pads (chain plate 400 mm wide – individually exchangeable)
  • Tool-less, pluggable 400 mm hopper extension
  • Custom color
  • Automated lubrication system
  • Pre-heating (230 V / 110 V) -20° to +50° C ambient temperature

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Rotor Length

3,000 mm



Rotor Diameter

max. 1,050 mm Ø


All Technical Data in section Downloads.

  • Universal – unique variety of applications - from pre-crushing to the end product with just one machine
  • Sturdy – impervious to disruptive material, lowest default risk - highest availability
  • Simple – minimal maintenance effort, easy handling
  • Eco-friendly – latest motor technology, lowest emissions
  • Motor: 6 cylinder Diesel engine Cummins X15, generous cooling system with reversible fan
  • Control: IFM 7 “ Touch Panel + remote control with screen


Waste wood treatment

Waste wood categories A1 through A4

The treatment of waste wood can be done within two processes: Either by mere shredding of the material or by shredding and subsequent sieving.

Treatment of green cuttings

Composting of green waste

Composting of organic residues leads to a valuable, nutritious product for soil improvement. Organic material gets returned to the biological cycle and is not irretrievably lost as it would be the case with thermal processing. The process chain for composting of green cuttings consists of shredding, turning, screening and sifting.

Treatment of bulky waste

Bulk waste processing

Bulky waste is processed by shredding the material and relieve it of metals. Then it is screened to filter out e.g. plastics. 



Transform your Waste


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