Mobile Screening with the Mobile Trommel Screen TERRA SELECT T 70

The most Powerful Mobile Trommel Screening Machine for Screening all Types of Materials

You may be recording high volumes of material within your composting or biomass processing plant. 

Or perhaps some of the input materials are coarse or wet and therefore difficult to remove. In both these cases, you will be looking for a screening machine that achieves the highest possible throughput and high-quality end product, even under the most difficult material conditions. This is where the TERRA SELECT T 70 is effective by making mobile screening just child's play.

The T 70 mobile screen has an impressive drum length of 7,500 mm and a drum diameter of 2,200 mm. With an effective screening area of some 46 m², it achieves sensational screening rates of up to 250 m³ per hour. Even materials that cannot or only be partially screened are ideally processed using the TERRA SELECT trommel screen.

Mobile screening can be really easy - you just need the right machine! Right from initial filling of the large feed hopper, the impressive features of the T 70 trommel screening machine are evident. With a capacity of more than 6.5 m³, the hopper can be simply loaded with a wheeled loader and allows for an uninterrupted screening process. The powerful hopper belt is toothed to prevent slippage, even with heavy materials, while at the same time providing a uniform feed of material to the screen drum.

The unique differentiating feature of many TERRA SELECT machines is the optional, extra-long fine grain belt. This complements the extensive level of standard equipment fitted to the T 70 trommel screen, along with many other optional extras available to customers, such as a magnet roller or radio remote control. With the extra-long fine grain belt (8,060 mm), the bulk cone formation is increased by up to 80% compared to conventional fine particle belt lengths. Due to the greater spacing between the screened material and the machine, manoeuvring with a wheeled loader becomes an uncomplicated task for the operator.

And that makes mobile screening a pleasant operation. In addition to the impressive screening performance and wide range of technical features, the maximised mobility and flexibility of the T 70 trommel screen make it highly attractive. When fitted with the optional swivelling draw hitch, the machine is particularly easy to manoeuvre. Designed to make it an articulated trailer, the machine is quick and easy to move around, making it ideally suitable for use across business operations. And of course, the T 70 trommel screening machine is also approved for road use.

So, if you are determined to put your mobile screening on a professional level, then contact our screening experts today!

Same performance, but even more economical and eco-friendly!

This machine is also available as a completely emission-free and highly energy-efficient electric version.



Effective screening area

46 m²


Screening output

up to 250 m³/h

All Technical Data in section Downloads.

  • Mobile screening even with the most difficult materials
  • Trommel screen with a throughput of up to 250 m³ per hour
  • Extended extra-long fine grain belt (optional)
  • Large feed hopper with more than 6.5 m³ capacity
  • Heavy-duty toothed hopper belt drive
  • Articulated trailer


Waste wood treatment

Waste wood categories A1 through A4

The treatment of waste wood can be done within two processes: Either by mere shredding of the material or by shredding and subsequent sieving.

Treatment of green cuttings

Composting of green waste

Composting of organic residues leads to a valuable, nutritious product for soil improvement. Organic material gets returned to the biological cycle and is not irretrievably lost as it would be the case with thermal processing. The process chain for composting of green cuttings consists of shredding, turning, screening and sifting.

Treatment of bulky waste

Bulk waste processing

Bulky waste is processed by shredding the material and relieve it of metals. Then it is screened to filter out e.g. plastics. 



Eggersmann compost fine processing


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