Hook Lift Mobile Star Screen Terra Select HKS 50

Fully Mobile Screening Machine for Oversize Separation or Fine Grain Screening

If you currently use a trommel screen to produce two fractions in the treatment of biomass or raw compost, you still may need an option for screening of the fine fraction.

Alternatively, you may be seeking a simple solution for oversize separation that can be connected downstream of your shredder. The Terra Select HKS 50 hook lift mobile star screen will provide you with a completely independent, compact machine that more than meets your requirements.

With a sieve area of 5.5 m², the HKS 50 mobile star screening machine achieves an impressive throughput. The two conveyor belts are also generously sized, with the belts for fine and coarse grain having a length of 6.1 m and 4.1 m and a width of 1 m and 1.34 m respectively.

Like the other machines in the Terra Select series, the HKS 50 hook lift mobile star screen is designed with the customer in mind. To allow the screening machine to be ideally matched to the requirements of the customer, various optional extras are available. For example, hydraulic supports can be ordered, which enable the complete machine to be lifted. This results in greater clearance under the discharge belts for larger discharge piles, and thus more effective screening time before the discharged material has to be removed for further treatment.

Flexibility is a key feature of the Terra Select mobile star screen. The cassette construction has been designed for fast and uncomplicated changeover of screening panels. Similarly, due to the large maintenance flaps, the shafts can also be changed with just a few simple steps in a short time.

Thanks to the integrated hook lift on one end of the machine and practical rollers on the other, the star screen can be easily moved and be ready for use again in a short space of time.

A further key feature of the hook lift mobile star machine is the optional built-in diesel generator, rated at 48 kVA. The built-in drive system allows the screen to be operated completely independently of upstream trommel screens or shredders.

So, to finally win the “fight” against your material feedstock, make a decision on our fully mobile star screen today. Whether its separating oversize lengths or a fine fraction after shredding, you will certainly be impressed by the Terra Select HKS 50.

Björn Bischoff
Sales Director

mobile machines

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Screening panel length

4,600 mm


Screening panel width

1,200 mm

All Technical Data in section Downloads.

  • Fully independent star screen with built-in diesel generator
  • Oversize separation after shredding
  • Fine grain screening after screening with a trommel screen
  • Two fraction screening
  • Integrated hook lift to move the machine quickly and easily
  • Optional hydraulic supports allow depth of discharge piles to be increased


Machines and Processes

Eggersmann compost fine processing


If the above information has got your attention and you wish to contact us, or if you would like to learn more about the hook lift mobile star screen, then our experts in screening technology are ready to assist you with advice and active support.

Björn Bischoff

Sales Director

mobile machines

Fon +49 4407 9133-700

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Service Coordinator
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