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Eggersmann Recylingtechnology

Star sieve


For Organic Materials Such as Compost, Wood Chips or Bark Mulch

Product Highlights

  • Extremely high throughputs with maximum separation quality
  • Split-Speed system for homogeneous material carpet
  • Separation rates of up to 90% (depending on material)
  • QuickChange system

The BRT HARTNER STS Star Screens are primarily used for biological materials. They are also suitable for applications such as grate ash.
The elasticity of the high-quality plastic star screens allows them to be used even in moist and slightly sticky materials.

DURAMAX Cleaning Elements

  • DURAMAX cleaning elements with durable wear-resistant coating for effective cleaning of the screen gap

Quickchange System

  • Quickchange system for easy and safe replacement of the screen shafts.

Split-Speed System

  • Split-Speed system for different and even alternating speeds.

Why Split-Speed?

  • Different operating modes (so-called "recipes") can be programmed according to throughput and material composition. When neighbouring star screen shafts are operated at different speeds, it leads to higher dynamics, significantly greater mixing of the screened material and a considerable increase in the service life of the chains. This results in increased throughput, improved separation quality, optimisation of the self-cleaning effect and a reduction in operating costs.

Robust Screen Stars

  • Screen stars made of high-quality and highly elastic plastic, torsionally rigid mounted on the shafts.

Further Highlights

  • By default with a PVC tarpaulin as a machine cover 
  • By default with an electrical control unit and switch cabinet
  • Optional machine covers made of stainless steel

How does a star screen work?

  • Large pieces of material are gradually moved by the rotating screening stars across the screening surface to the discharge point. Fines fall through the gaps between the screening stars and the shafts. The self-cleaning effect significantly reduces operating costs. The screen cut can be adjusted by selecting different screen star sizes and changing the spacing.


Are you interested in the BRT HARTNER STS and would like more information? Are you still undecided as to which is the right choice for you?

Technical Data BRT HARTNER STS

  • STS
  • 1.250
  • 3.500 or
  • 5.300 or
  • 7.500
  • 9,4
  • 8 - 150
  • min. 14
  • up to max. 57
  • 166 or 350
  • 8 or 12
  • 23 to max. 29
  • 100 to 170