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Eggersmann Recycling Technology

Wind Sifter


Air Belt Separator Separate the Material Into a Light and a Heavy Fraction

Product Highlights

  • High recovery rate of light fraction
  • Numerous adjustment parameters
  • Optimal separation result with different materials
  • Integrated filter unit

The BRT HARTNER BBS Air Belt Separator classifies the light fraction with its low specific weight from the heavy materials by air flow. Free-flowing mixed plastics and source materials for the production of substitute fuels are particularly suitable as input. For good separation results, the ratio of the smallest to the largest particle should be max. 1:4.


Acceleration Belt

  • The input material is fed evenly onto the acceleration belt of the Air Belt Separator. An air nozzle is mounted under the head end of the acceleration belt, which the material to be treated passes through in free fall. Very light parts are blown over the curved belt directly into the calming chamber.

Heavy Fraction Discharge Belt

  • The very heavy parts fall down onto a heavy material discharge belt in the transfer area. All other materials bounce against the curved belt of the air separator and are also separated into light and heavy via the radius and the adjustable incline of the curved belt.

The Arch Belt

  • The arch belt is the heart and core of the Windsifter. It is arched and adjustable in several axles regarding its radius and the inclination. According to the chosen settings, specific material parts are sorted into the lightweight or heavyweight fraction with the conveying movement.. Changes of the settings lead to changes in the separation results.

Expansion Chamber

  • Due to the air calming within this expansion chamber, light substances can be discharged. The air separator operates in recirculation mode, i.e. the fan draws its supply air from the expansion chamber. A second fan draws the dusty air from the calming chamber through a filter and releases it cleaned into the environment.


Are you interested in the BRT HARTNER BBS and would like more information? Are you still undecided as to which is the right choice for you?

Technical Data BRT HARTNER BBS

  • BBS
  • 1,600
  • 160
  • 13,300
  • 4,300
  • 4,600
  • 43
  • 2.2
  • 22
  • 15