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Eggersmann Recylingtechnology

Mobile Wind Sifting Unit


Removes Impurities From the Material

Product Highlights

  • Suction/pressure blower with 20.5 kW output
  • Can be connected electrically or hydraulically
  • Adds wind sifting to the screening process
  • Efficient and cost-effective solution

Can be Used With our Screening Machines

The mobile wind sifter can be driven either hydraulically or electrically.


Trommel Screen Machines


Star Screen Machines

Effective removal of light impurities from the material during the screening process: With the compact AIRFIX V 60 you can easily add the wind sifting function to your screening machine.
Screening and sifting in one step!

Which Materials can I Sift?

What is Removed During the Wind Sifting?

Lightweight Plastics

Plastic Bags


Technical Highlights

How Does the AIRFIX V 60 Work?

  • The special feature of the AIRFIX is the suction/pressure blower: The material is blown under at the end of the discharge belt to make it easier to suck the impurities upwards.
Picture of a mobile windsifting unit from Terra Select for cleaning of oversize particles

Flexible in Use

  • Practical recesses for easy relocation with a forklift truck

Convenient Operation

  • Easy placement on the floor
  • Material transfer into container
  • Regulating slide for volume flow


Are you interested in the AIRFIX V 60 and would like to experience it live? Then contact us and we will organize a machine demonstration.

Technical Data AIRFIX V 60

  • AIRFIX V 60 
  • 20,5 kW
  • 1.300
  • 2.300
  • 1.750
  • 1.780
  • AIRFIX V 60 E
  • 20,5 kW
  • 1.600
  • 2.300
  • 1.750
  • 1.780