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Eggersmann Recylingtechnology

Mobile Star Screening Machine


The Mobile Solution for Three Fractions

Product Highlights

  • Most Precise Separation Accuracy for all Three Fractions
  • Best Machine Availability due to Innovative Design
  • High Throughput Rates
  • Doubling of the Bulk Cone due to Long Discharge Belts (optional)



(diesel-electric / electric)


  • 55 kW / 80 kVA


  • Up to 300m3/h


  • 25.000 kg

In its mobile central axle trailer chassis, our STAR SELECT S 60 houses a completely newly developed star screen system with many innovative solutions for even more precise separation, higher throughput and even better machine availability. The innovations enable operations even in the most difficult applications such as clayey soil or grate ash.

Which Materials can be Processed?


Pre-Definable Fractions

The screen cut can be determined via the shaft spacing and screen star size:

  • Coarse grain 0 / 60 mm to > 150 mm
  • Medium grain 0 / 25 mm to 150 mm
  • Fine grain 0 / 15 mm to 25 mm

QuickChange System

  • With the QuickChange system, you can quickly replace individual screen shafts at any time. This significantly increases machine availability.

Centrifugal Conditioner

  • The centrifugal conditioner ensures uniform feeding from the bunker to the coarse screen deck. This allows the material to be optimally separated.

Duramax Cleaning Elements

  • The cleaning elements on the screen fingers automatically clean the screen shafts of buildup.

SplitSpeed System

  • The differently set speeds of the screen shafts produce a particularly homogeneous material carpet on the fine screen deck for even better screening results.


Wind Sifter

With the AIRFIX V 60, you can remove light impurities such as plastic or film from your material.

  • Easy installation on the discharge belts
  • Efficient cleaning


Stone Band

  • Reliably remove stones and other heavy impurities from your throughput

Magnetic Rollers

  • Use the magnetic rollers to separate valuable ferrous metals and increase the purity of your material. The metals are discharged downwards.
Close up of the central lubrication system of the mobile Terra Select Trommel Screen


  • Automatic Central Lubrication

Extra Long Conveyors

  • Extra-long discharge conveyors for particularly high dumping cones

Are you interested in the STAR SELECT S 60 and would like to experience it live? Then contact us and we will organize a machine demonstration.

Technical Data STAR SELECT S 60

  • Trailer
  • 55
  • 7
  • 4,8
  • 8,3

  • Trailer
  • 12.700
  • 4.000
  • 11.200
  • 3.500
  • 3.500

  • Trailer
  • 11.950
  • 4.000
  • 2.550

  • Trailer
  • 3.500
  • 3.500
  • 3.330