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Eggersmann Recycling Technology


TEUTON Single Shaft Shredders

Reliable to the Best Grain Sizes

As absolute universal machines, our mobile TEUTON single shaft shredders impress with an almost inexhaustible variety of applications.

All About Our Mobile Single Shaft Shredders:

Our TEUTON shredders are not only among the most flexible shredders on the market, they also have extraordinary economic potential. With intuitive operation, outstanding energy efficiency, minimal maintenance and maximum control when defining the final grain size, they offer the opportunity to significantly optimize work processes.


  • In which applications can TEUTON shredders be used?
  • How does the shredding process work with TEUTON shredders?
  • Can the mobile universal shredders be adjusted to specific materials?
  • Can the final grain size of the TEUTON single-shaft shredders be predefined?
  • What special features does the standard equipment of TEUTON shredders include?
  • What additional options are available for TEUTON shredders?
  • To what extent are the TEUTON shredders similar to other Eggersmann mobile machines?
  • Do the shredder's counter-gears have to be re-welded when worn?
  • Are there safety precautions for the accidental feeding of impurities?
  • Can the TEUTON shredders be moved without a tractor?

In Which Applications can TEUTON Shredders be Used?

TEUTON shredders are absolute all-rounders and therefore process an extremely wide range of different materials. Here are a few examples:

  • Green waste
  • Waste wood
  • Roots
  • Commercial waste
  • Bulky waste
  • Tyres
  • and much more.

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How Does the Shredding Process Work With TEUTON Industrial Shredders?

Our TEUTON shredders have 3 m long rotors with spirally mounted rotor tools. With these tools, the material to be shredded is pressed from above through a counter knife – which can be adjusted in distance – and thereby torn apart. Here, the spiral-shaped arrangement of the tools ensures maximum pressure at the points of contact – the material is gradually exposed to the full force of the motor in a focused manner. To be able to grip it even better, the motor also reverses regularly according to the setting. Depending on the application, the speed and cyclical reversing can be adjusted manually or via preset programmes.

Universal Single Shaft Shredders

Shredding with the professionals!


Tracks · Trailer · Stationary · Mobile-Electric


Tracks · Semi-Trailer · Stationary 

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Can the Mobile Universal Shredders be Adjusted to a Specific Material?

In order to improve throughput and achieve the processing target, each TEUTON shredder can be specially adapted to a wide range of materials. On the one hand, there are special programmes for the behaviour of the rotor and, on the other hand, the rotor tools can be exchanged accordingly. For example, in addition to the versatile Multigrip tool, the Rootgrip tool can also be used specifically for processing roots. Combined with the root mode included in the system, excellent results can be achieved even faster in this difficult application.

Can the Final Grain Size be Predefined With TEUTON Single Shaft Shredders?

With our TEUTON single shaft shredders, marketable end products with the right grain size can be created in just one step, if required. This is particularly practical when there are standards that must be met precisely – such as for tyres. There are two combinable options for this:

  • Cutting Gap Adjustment (Standard)
    On all our TEUTON shredders, the cutting gap between the rotor tools and the counter blades can be adjusted as standard to define the end grain. With the TEUTON Z 50 you can choose between six different settings, with the TEUTON Z 60 even between eleven different settings.
  • Screen Basket System (Optional)
    For an even more precise definition of the final grain, there is the option of using strip or hex shaped screen baskets of different sizes (80 mm - 250 mm). The hex shaped screen basket is characterised by a particularly pronounced homogeneity, while the strip basket processes even material with a high risk of clogging, such as plastic films, in the best manner possible. In this way, a marketable product can be produced in just one pass. Depending on requirements, the baskets can be installed and removed just as quickly as easily.

What Special Features are Included in the Standard Equipment of TEUTON Shredders?

For the best possible working experience, our mobile TEUTON shredders are characterised by extensive standard equipment:

  • Hight-increasing for the Hydraulic filling hopper (foldable on three sides)
  • Hydromechanical rotor drive for the fastest reversing intervals and high resistance to foreign bodies
  • Easily exchangeable rotor tools
  • Hydraulic swing-out shredding flap for free access to the working chamber
  • Adjustable cutting gap setting
  • Fully lighted  engine compartment
  • Large openings for the discharge of material
  • IFM 7 Zoll Touch Panel 
  • 30-channel radio system with display and emergency stop function
  • Long and wide conveyor belts for maximum material discharge and large dumping cones
  • Infinitely height-adjustable rear conveyor belt (discharge height max. 5,000 mm)

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What Additional Options are Available for TEUTON Shredders?

In order to adapt our TEUTON single shaft shredders even better to specific needs, we also offer some additional solutions:

  • Screen basket system for even more precise definition of the final grain sizes
  • Four different rotor tools for different applications
  • Hydraulically height-adjustable neodymium overband magnet (ejection on both sides)
  • Ecospray humidification system
  • Ball adapter for simplified manoeuvring with a wheel loader

In what way are the TEUTON Shredders Similar to Other Eggersmann Mobile Machines?

Our single shaft shredders have some typical features of our Eggersmann mobile machines. For example, they follow our One-Logic principle - if you are familiar with one of our machines, you can intuitively operate all the others. In addition, the shredders have the following features:

  • NRT – The Noise Reduction Technology reduces the sound pressure level by means of a setup specially adapted to the machine. In the process, the values are reduced far below the standard. The result: maximum noise protection at the workplace.
  • MMS  –  The Minimum Maintenance System minimises the maintenance effort while extending the maintenance intervals.
  • ASC – Auto Standby Control regulates the power output according to the current workload and stress. If there is no more material in the machine, the engine automatically throttles down so that less fuel is consumed. A new material feed is also detected automatically and the machine starts working again.

In addition, all TEUTON are equipped with our Eggersmann Telematic. This is a mixture of remote service and machine monitoring. On the one hand, you can have all work data, as well as location and operating material consumption displayed live via the Internet on your PC, laptop or smartphone. On the other hand, the machine automatically sends malfunctions or pending maintenance to the responsible sales partner.

Do the Counter Tools of the Shredders Have to be Rewelded When Worn?

The rotor tools of our TEUTON shredders are double bolted and can be easily changed without any welding. In many cases, the counter tools can be re-welded via support layers and hardfacing if wear is detected at an early stage. With correct maintenance, the rotor tools can handle up to 10,000 t of material before they need to be replaced – the massive counter tools can even handle up to 100,000 t. This means that wear costs of less than 1 € per tonne can be achieved. 

Are There Safeguards for the Accidental Feed of Interfering Materials?

Particularly when working in the recyclables recovery, disruptive material is often found in the throughput. However, our TEUTON shredders are shredders with slow-running rotors – they therefore offer the best possible balance of power, high throughputs and safety. So if a non-processable material – for example solid steel – gets into the machine, the rotor will try to unblock it by reversing automatically. If this does not succeed, the machine switches itself off and the impurity can be removed manually. The solid and robust finish provides additional protection against breakdowns.

Can TEUTON Shredders also be Moved Without a Pulling Vehicle?

All TEUTON shredders with crawler tracks can be moved freely around the company grounds by radio remote control. The crawler track even allows turning and reversing movements for maximum mobility. The TEUTON Z 50 E has an extra battery pack to enable it to be driven without a connection to the power grid, so that all secondary functions can also be used during operation. 
The TEUTON Z 50 with wheel chassis also has a radio remote control and can be moved freely on the company grounds. Driving in curves is not possible here, but straight-line windrow production is.

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