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Eggersmann Recylingtechnology


FORUS Twin Shaft Shredders

Safe and Reliable Reprocessing

Our FORUS shredders are characterized by a high degree of flexibility and functionality.

All About our Twin Shaft Shredders:

Thanks to the combination of performance, quality and intelligence , there are hardly any applications that cannot be handled. At the same time, the shredders are extremely compact in terms of mass and dimensions and are therefore also perfect for use outside the company.


  • In which Applications Can a FORUS Shredder be Used?
  • How Does the Preparation with the Twin Shaft Shredders work?
  • What Characterises the FORUS Twin Shaft Shredders?
  • Can the Final Grain Size also Be Predefined with the FORUS?
  • What Are the Standard Features of the FORUS Twin Shaft Shredders?
  • Are there Additional Options for the FORUS Shredders?
  • In what Way Are the FORUS Shredders Similar to other Eggersmann Mobile Machines?
  • Is it Possible to Move a FORUS without a Pulling Vehicle?

In Which Applications can a FORUS Shredder be Used?

The application possibilities of our twin shaft shredders are exceptionally diverse. Due to the asynchronous mode of operation typical for FORUS, even materials that can be wound can be handled without any problems. Here are some examples for which material our FORUS shredders can be used:

  • Waste wood or demolition wood
  • Green waste and roots
  • Household and commercial waste
  • Pre-shredded construction and demolition waste
  • Paper, cardboard, and paperboard
  • Foils
  • Mattresses
  • Glass
  • Photovoltaic modules
  • and much more.

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Universal Pre-shredders

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Tracks · Hook Lift · Mobile-Electric

How Does the Preparation With the Twin Shaft Shredders Work?

Thanks to the large hopper and the low loading height, material feeding with a wheel loader or excavator is simple and clean. The hopper can be angled at the touch of a button, which guarantees optimum material feed. The material is picked up in the shredding area by the cutting tools on the shafts and roughly shredded between them. In the second instance, the after breaker bars guarantee shredding to a desired size.
Depending on the selected after braker bar, the material is crushed into a predefined size. The particularly long, wide and troughed belts ensure a clean, blockage-free discharge with large dumping cones. Optionally, FE metals can be removed with a neodymium magnetic separator. 

What Characterises the FORUS Twin Shaft Shredders?

With the help of the intelligent control system and the four pre-set and one individually adjustable shredding programme, no compromises are necessary in any application. The operator has the possibility to adjust speeds, rotation directions and programme times individually and thus achieve the optimum in the processing of his material. In conjunction with the modular and therfore qick to change after breaker bars the possibilities are almost limitless.

Can the Final Grain Size Also be Predefined With the FORUS?

In order to produce an end grain that is as precisely predefined as possible, you can choose between different after breaker bars. Depending on requirements, there are options for final grain sizes of 120 mm, 150 mm, 300 mm and 500 mm. Thanks to the modular design, the after breaker bars can be changed quickly without the need for tools - the process only takes a few minutes due to the hydraulic mounting and locking system.

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What Are the Standard Features of the FORUS Twin Shaft Shredders?

The standard equipment of the FORUS twin shaft shredders has many remarkable details and concepts:

  • Choice between track, lift axle and hook lift frame
  • Diesel-hydraulic or electro-hydraulic drive
  • Radio remote control for all functions
  • Modular after breaker bar quick-change system
  • Hydraulically lift- and lowerable hopper
  • Hydraulically lift- and lowerable overbelt magnet
  • Cleanfix reversible fan
  • Hopper automation for feed optimisation
  • Eggersmann LLC (Long Live Coating)

Are There Additional Options for the FORUS Shredders?

In addition to the extensive standard equipment, we also offer optional solutions for our FORUS:

  • Alternative after breaker bars for different sizes 
    (120mm, 150 mm, 300 mm and 500 mm)
  • Additional wear protection / Marathon shredding shafts
  • Hopper elevations in different variants
  • A material moistening device against dust
  • Winter package
  • Summer package
  • Lighting package

In What Way are the FORUS Shredders Similar to Other Eggersmann Mobile Machines?

The two shaft shredders have some typical features of our Eggersmann mobile machines. For example, they follow our One-Logic principle - if you are familiar with one of our machines, you can intuitively operate all the others. In addition, the shredders have the following features:

  • NRT – The Noise Reduction Technology reduces the sound pressure level by means of a setup specially adapted to the machine. In the process, the values are reduced far below the standard. The result: maximum noise protection at the workplace.
  • MMS  –  The Minimum Maintenance System minimises the maintenance effort while extending the maintenance intervals.
  • ASC – Auto Standby Control regulates the power output according to the current workload and stress. If there is no more material in the machine, the engine automatically throttles down so that less fuel is consumed. A new material feed is also detected automatically and the machine starts working again.

In addition, all FORUS are equipped with our Eggersmann Telematic. This is a mixture of remote service and machine monitoring. On the one hand, you can have all work data, as well as location and operating material consumption displayed live via the Internet on your PC, laptop or smartphone. On the other hand, the machine automatically sends malfunctions or pending maintenance to the responsible sales partner.

Is it Possible to Move a FORUS Without a Pulling Vehicle?

All model variants with tracks can be moved freely on the field via a radio remote control without a pulling machine. The crawler tracks also allow turning and reversing manoeuvres. The FORUS F 38 E has special integrated battery packs – this means that the electric version can also be driven and serviced without being connected to the power grid with the basic functions switched on.

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