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Eggersmann Recylingtechnology

Digestate Mixer


Mixing unit for the pre-treatment of digestate, sewage sludge, etc.

Product Highlights

  • Driven swivel device for the mixing unit to increase availability
  • Available in two versions - filling by belt conveyor or by wheel loader
  • Easy retrofitting in existing systems
  • High throughput capacity combined with high durability

The BRT HARTNER DM Digestate Mixer prepares digestate, sewage sludge or similar materials for aerobic treatment or the subsequent composting process. For this purpose, these almost structureless materials are mixed with structure-forming materials such as green waste, raw compost or screen overflow.

Decompaction Rollers

Feed Hopper

  • Scraper chain conveyor with monitoring of synchronization
  • Two versions depending on filling by conveyor belt or by wheel loader
Digestate Mixer for the pretreatment of fermentation residues BRT HARTNER DM

Automated Dosing

  • Loosened and uniform feeding of the material into the sorting process

Ideal for Composting

  • Due to the systematic mixing of the substrates by mixing rollers in the dynamic material flow, compaction or kneading effects are effectively avoided. The substrate is homogenized and loosened up. As a result, you receive the optimum starting material for the subsequent aerobic treatment (rotting). The enrichment with structural material and the resulting increase in air pore volume means that the rotting process is sufficiently supplied with oxygen at the start. In the course of the rotting process, this should be additionally supported by turning the material. BACKHUS offers various solutions for this.

BRT HARTNER DM Digestate Mixer

Are you interested in the BRT HARTNER DM and would like more information? Are you still undecided as to which is the right choice for you?

Technical Data BRT HARTNER DM

  • DM 12
  • 6.400
  • 1.200
  • 1.200
  • 10
  • 1.500
  • 1.200
  • 750
  • 610
  • 36 - 180
  • DM 20
  • 11.900
  • 2.000
  • 1.700
  • 40
  • 6.800
  • 2.000
  • 1.200
  • 610
  • 80 - 250