Pre-shredder with two shafts FORUS F 38

The new slow-running shredder for virtually all recyclable waste

Which machine enables professional shredding of waste of all kinds, composites and solar panels?

What is the most effective way for shredding of green and shrub cuttings for composting? How can wood and biomass be optimally pre-shredded? In short: Which shredder is best choice to optimize your existing machinery? The new pre-shredder FORUS F 38 is your comprehensive solution in the field of shredding technology – powerful, user-friendly, reliable.

The topic of recovery of raw materials and recyclables is becoming more and more important in the renewable energy sector. For example, solar panels can only be used up to approximately 25 years before they have to be recycled. Solar panels consist of high-quality components which are however firmly bonded together. The FORUS F 38 shredder can efficiently separate the individual parts. Due to the hydraulically exchangeable crushing beam, the material can be broken down to its final particle size. In addition, ferrous parts can be removed from the process as a separate fraction with the hydraulically adjustable magnetic separator.

Besides solar panels and other composites, the FORUS F 38 also easily shreds all types of waste (household waste, bulky waste, commercial and industrial waste, foil, paper, glass, asphalt, press bales and electronic waste). The field of application also comprises organic material such as waste wood, green cuttings, biomass or roots.

The final particle size and throughput of the slow-running shredder can be adjusted and optimized with the hydraulic modular crushing beam, depending on the application from 0 mm to 500 mm within just 10 minutes.
The infeed chute of the FORUS F 38 has a volume of 5 m³ and is hydraulically operated with the push of a button. It is the ideal solution for feeding by wheel loader. 

The height of the overbelt magnetic separator can be hydraulically adjusted via remote control and thus be optimally adapted to the material stream and the requirements of the separation process.

The discharge height of up to 4,000 mm allows for comfortable loading of bulk material trucks. 

Intelligent control

The easy, user-friendly and intelligent set-up of the control system ensures highest availability of the machine at optimal capacity. The performance and fill level parameters as well as error messages and maintenance intervals are digitized and assure a trouble-free and reliable operation of the machine and the shredding process

The Eggersmann two-shaft shredder FORUS F 38 is also available as an electrical version. Additionally, we can supply the machine with crawler track or with hook lift upon request.

Same performance, but even more economical and eco-friendly!

This machine is also available as a completely emission-free and highly energy-efficient electric version.



Throughput Waste Wood

up to 50 t/h



Throughput Household Waste

up to 35 t/h



Throughput Commercial Waste

up to 30 t/h


All Technical Data in section Downloads.

  • pre-shredder with caterpillar chassis
  • also available in electrical version
  • two-shaft shredder
  • individually adjustable shaft speed
  • hydraulically adjustable magnet
  • tiltable, large-volume chute


Waste wood treatment

Waste wood categories A1 through A4

The treatment of waste wood can be done within two processes: Either by mere shredding of the material or by shredding and subsequent sieving.

Treatment of green cuttings

Composting of green waste

Composting of organic residues leads to a valuable, nutritious product for soil improvement. Organic material gets returned to the biological cycle and is not irretrievably lost as it would be the case with thermal processing. The process chain for composting of green cuttings consists of shredding, turning, screening and sifting.

Treatment of bulky waste

Bulk waste processing

Bulky waste is processed by shredding the material and relieve it of metals. Then it is screened to filter out e.g. plastics. 



Transform your Waste


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