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Eggersmann Recycling Technology

Bale Breaker


Loosens Bales of Various Materials

Product Highlights

  • Efficient opening of bales and loosening up of material
  • Even and continuous material discharge
  • Infinitely adjustable throughput rate
  • Large feed hopper for long feeding intervals

The BRT HARTNER BB Bale Breaker breaks up compressed bales of PET bottles, waste paper, residual waste, plastics and a variety of other recyclable materials. The material is passed on in a well metered flow to subsequent machining processes.

Volume Flow Controller

  • The Bale Breaker has a volume flow control: sensors are used to determine the discharge quantity and the regulation of the drum speed and the speed of the moving floor conveyor ensures that the same quantity of material is always discharged. In addition, a fill level indicator can be provided to prevent the hopper from running empty.

Open or Closed

  • Depending on the type of feeding, the Bale Breaker is available with an open feed area (bales fed in by forklift truck) or as a closed bunker (loose material fed in by wheel loader). The bunker walls of the bale breaker are designed as plug-in walls. This means that individual wall elements can be removed or added as required.


  • The Bale Breaker achieves a throughput of up to 10 tons per hour and is designed for a maximum bale weight of 1,500 kg.
  • A dynamically attached hold-down device ensures that the Bale Breaker copes excellently with impurities.

System Solution

Moving Floor Conveyor

  • The integrated standard moving floor conveyor allows for an even material stream to the bale breaking unit, which consist of a drum and a dynamic down holding device. This system ensures ideal loosening of the material without blockages by impurities.


Are you interested in the BRT HARTNER BB and would like more information? Are you still undecided as to which is the right choice for you?

Technical Data BRT HARTNER BB

  • BB
  • 1,780
  • 2,500
  • 6,000
  • 8,400
  • 2,000
  • 14,400
  • 15 to 26
  • 10
  • 20