A good investment

Feed and Metering Hopper of BRT HARTNER has been installed at REMONDIS Electrocycling GmbH in Lünen.

The plant of REMONDIS Electrorecycling GmbH in Lünen, Germany is well-known amongst German recyclers because in hardly any other plant in Germany, electrical devices and appliances are processed and dismantled with such a depth and efficiency as they are here. 

For a long time, the pre-shredded and pre-sifted material was fed into the sorting process directly by a wheel loader. However, this made it difficult to appropriately loosen up and even out the material. The results in the feeding area therefore varied a lot.

On this account, a Feed and Metering Hopper by BRT HARTNER has been installed here at the beginning of the year. The wheel loader now fills the hopper, which then dispatches the material to the subsequent ascending conveyor in a steady and even material flow.

What has changed since its installation?

1) The derivative time, which results from the volume of the Feed and Metering Hopper, allows for a more flexible and effective workflow for the driver of the wheel loader.

2) The material is loosened up and dosed accurately before it is transferred to the sorting process. The sophisticated system consisting of the moving floor conveyor and the rotating, frequency-controlled dosing drum makes this possible. Optical sensors in the discharge area control and – if required – adjust the throughput. Different operating modes can be chosen according to the requirements. 

3) The application of the hopper increased the performance of the plant by 20% – while at the same time fully sustaining quality and quotas.

With the integration of the Dosing Hopper D by BRT HARTNER, the responsible buyers at REMONDIS Electrorecycling GmbH have made an investment that has amortized completely after just a short amount of time.

Andre Berlage
Executive Manager

Stationary Machines

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