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Eggersmann Recylingtechnology

IFAT 2016

Comprehensive Portfolio of Products and Services

Eggersmann Group's representation at this year's IFAT included a whopping three trade fair stands as well as two outside areas. Apart from innovative concepts regarding recycling plants and methods, this year's big topics are the new products from the field of mobile and stationary key machines presented by the companies BACKHUS, Terra Select, FORUS and BRT Hartner. Eggersmann furthermore presents its own brand's first shredder.

Since May 2015, Eggersmann has consistently extended its offerings in the field of recycling, especially in the segment of key machines. After the turners designed by BACKHUS and BRT HARTNER's stationary opening, dosing and separation systems, the mobile screening and separation machines built by Terra Select as well as FORUS's pre-shredders have been added to the group's product range this year. Under the brand name Eggersmann Shredder, another shredding machine – the Eggersmann TEUTON Z 55 has been developed. This enables the company to deliver almost the entire equipment of recycling plants from a single source.

“It is our goal to be able to meet customers as a one-stop-shop for recycling plants. Five areas of competence enable us to do so. We not only specialise in the design and construction of mechanical recycling plants but are also well-versed in the area of biological methods. Additionally, respective plants can be almost entirely equipped with products from our own range. We furthermore manage projects as a general contractor upon request and follow up with complete customer care or even operate the plant ourselves,” General Manager Karlgünter Eggersmann states. This string of core competences is so far unique among the providers in the recycling industry.

In order to provide this pooling of experience and know-how with a uniform look regarding public image, the Eggersmann Recycling Section and all the associated companies now sport the colour blue. Visitors of the IFAT could not only see that represented in the new corporate identity but also in the form of the key machines' new look.

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One of these machines is the newly developed bag opener BOE 17 by BRT HARTNER. Being the best bag opener available on the market, it distinguishes itself through functionality, robustness and modularity, combined with unsurpassed controls. The optimised model's ripping drum consists of two separately driven with drum halves operated at intervals which rip open and empty the plastic bags. Completely circumferential cover rings all but completely prevent contaminates from entering the drum which reduces cleaning efforts many-fold and significantly extends the machine's life time. Customers furthermore benefit from the BOE's high degree of user-friendliness. Comprehensive functions visually and acoustically alerting the operating personnel to remaining time, current fill level in the bunker and next filling were, for instance, integrated into the controls. Additionally, a camera system facilitates loading the bunker and enable one to monitor the machine functions inside. The flexible BOE with its opening rate of 95% is particularly suited for plants with frequently changing materials and achieves a throughput of up to 48 t/h.

This year, BACKHUS – your special supplier for technological solutions in the field of professional composting, waste processing and soil decontamination – presented the mobile BACKHUS A 65, one of the larger models from the A-series introduced last year.This range of windrow turners now also sports the blue colour scheme which only underlines the models' dynamism and performance. Thanks to a long list of standard features, easy access to components relevant to maintenance and inspection as well as a comfortable and easily accessible panoramic cabin, BACKHUS A 65 is well-prepared for all tasks.

At its stand, Terra Select, the special supplier of trommel screens, star screens and wind sifters informed visitors about the latest innovations in the field of mobile screening technology. A T 60 trommel screen machine suitable for all materials and boasting the dimensions 5.5 x 2.2 m and an impressive screening performance of up to 200 m³/h can be viewed. Its fuel-sipping and efficient motor, and the tiltable draw unit are only a few of this power-pack's advantages.

In the outdoor area, FORUS presented the Special Edition 250 – a slowly running double-shaft crusher with multi-functional crushing unit suitable to pre-crush scrap wood, demolition wood and green cuttings as well as electric waste, paper and domestic waste. The hydraulically liftable and lowerable breaker bar can be replaced quickly and offers a high degree of flexibility when it comes to different materials and output requirements. The galvanised conveyor frame and a hydraulically liftable and lowerable overbelt magnet are part of the reliable all-round machine's special equipment, as are lifting hopper and remote control.

A special highlight of this year's IFAT was the Eggersmann single-shaft crusher TEUTON Z 55, a machine used to process bulky items such as mattresses, waste wood, tires, bulky waste etc. This 32-ton flexible shredding giant is capable of performing both pre- and post-shredding in a single work step and achieves maximum throughput values in the process. The outcome is a homogeneous end product whose grain size can be varied to meet different demands using various tools, counter blades and screening cages. This kind of flexibility has never before been seen on the crushing market.

At its main stand, Eggersmann additionally presented the latest innovations and methods in the field of mechanical and biological waste treatment. The company has, for instance, developed a fermentation residue dryer. This machine provides optimal mixing and homogenising of the source substrate prior to aerobic post-treatment as well as effective removal of ammonia by means of extensive ventilation of the substrate with pre-heated air.

Eggersmann furthermore reported on successfully completed large-scale projects. By way of a mechanical biological treatment plant built in the Polish town of Zary, the company highlighted its philosophy of holistic project support. In this project, Eggersmann served as a general contractor and was thus responsible for designing and constructing the mechanical and biological waste treatment plants, predominantly equipped the hall with its own products and additionally provided comprehensive support to the client.

“Customers increasingly request solutions from a single source. We meet these demands with our strategic orientation based on our five fields of competence,” Eggersmann concludes.

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