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Eggersmann Recylingtechnology

Full-service provider Eggersmann once again exhibiting at the Kassel Waste Forum

exhibitor at the Kassel Waste Forum again

The requirements for waste management are complex and constantly present the industry with new challenges. The Eggersmann Group meets almost every need with the right solutions, as it is particularly broadly positioned with its plant construction, biological waste treatment, stationary key machines and system technology and mobile recycling machines - shredders, drum and star screens, air separators and transfer machines.

At the 33rd Kassel Waste Forum (April 5-7, 2022), Eggersmann will once again present itself in a correspondingly diverse manner. The company sees itself as a project company that sells its customers more than just a machine or a system. As a full-service provider, Eggersmann considers the customer's requirements in the overall context and provides holistic support - from the idea to completion or commissioning with the aim of a long-term partnership. With in-depth process know-how and innovative approaches, Eggersmann is constantly developing new solutions for the recycling market.

With the established BEKON dry fermentation process, renewable energy can be generated from biowaste. The technology has proven itself - and market demand is increasing. After all, why not use existing resources to generate electricity and heat and save on fossil natural gas, for example? What's more, biogas is not the only product of material treatment in the digester tunnel. Another product is the digestate, which can be used as a natural, organic fertilizer in agriculture after composting in the rotting tunnel and after screening.

The above-mentioned screening can be carried out using various Eggersmann machines. One of these in-house developed systems is the Eggersmann CO2MPOST CLEANER - a must for all professional compost producers who want to react adequately to the increasing requirements of the German Biowaste Ordinance with regard to maximum foreign matter content in soils and at the same time minimize the disposal costs for impurities. With the help of Eggersmann's sophisticated separation and sorting technology, contaminants are efficiently removed from the treatment process at several suitable points. In this way, a virtually impurity-free end product is produced, while the sieve residues are significantly reduced. In addition, the marketing options for the cleaned screen residues as fuel are improved. Alternatively, screenings freed from films can easily be fed back into the composting process. The system is available in stationary and semi-mobile versions.

A key component of the semi-mobile version is the new Eggersmann STAR SELECT S 60 star screen.This three-fraction machine achieves throughputs of up to 300 m³ per hour, depending on the material. Thanks to the newly developed Eggersmann sieve stars with Duramax cleaning element, the stars clean themselves automatically and thus reduce wear. In addition, wetter and more cohesive materials can also be screened better. With the Eggersmann Quick Change System, the shaft can be replaced in a very short time, minimizing downtime. Depending on the combination of stars and settings, screen cuts of 6 to 180 mm can be produced.


Dr. Rolf Liebeneiner
Sales Manager

Biological waste treatment
Recycling plants

Phone +49 89 9077959-45
r.lieben einer@f-e.de