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Eggersmann with new Products and Concepts at the IFAT


Full-Range Provider Expands Service Portfolio

Commissioning of the largest LWP Sorting Plant in Denmark


Eggersmann Anlagenbau has completed the largest plant for processing lightweight packaging waste (LWP) in Denmark for the waste disposal service provider ReSource Denmark Aps.

An Interview for the International Women's Day


International Women's Day is an opportunity to pause and consciously recognize the achievements of women. 

Upgrade for the BACKHUS Windrow Turners

Halle Westfalen (Germany), 8th February 2024. From the track clearers to the engine and the cabin, Eggersmann has given its BACKHUS windrow turners a general overhaul. Aspects such as lighting and remote maintenance have also undergone comprehensive upgrades.

Wood Chips as an Alternative Energy Source


With its new processing plant in Lengede for the environmental service provider Veolia, the Eggersmann Anlagenbau GmbH has raised wood chip production to a level previously unknown in Germany.

Double Anniversary at Eggersmann


The Eggersmann GmbH celebrated a very special machine anniversary at its site in Wardenburg: The 1600th BACKHUS compost turner will also be delivered to the USA as the 200th machine. A special edition was created especially for this extraordinary occasion.

Success for Eggersmann in the Far East


The demand for FORUS twin-shaft shredders from Eggers-mann GmbH in Japan remains unbroken. Therefore, another three dozen of the universally appli-cable shredders are now going to the long-standing dealer RYOKI Co, Ltd in Hiroschima.

Start for a new TERRA SELECT Generation


Eggersmann presents the MULTIMASTER among the trommel screen machines 

Eggersmann Finishes Recycling Plant in Liège


The Eggersmann Anlagenbau GmbH has finished a processing plant for light packaging waste (LPW) in the province of Liège on behalf of the Belgian recycling company SITEL. From now on, 17 different fractions can be separated there.

XXL Rotting Tunnels by Eggersmann for Composting Plant in Luxembourg


Eggersmann Anlagenbau built a new composting plant in Monnerich, Luxembourg for the client syndicate Minett-Kompost. The official inauguration took place on 1 July 2022 in the presence of Luxembourg's Minister of the Environment Joëlle Welfring. 

Municipality in Poland to Treat Organic Waste Using Dry Fermentation and Generate 3.5 Million kWh of Electrical Energy a Year


Starting in 2024, the new Kompogas® plant being built by Hitachi Zosen Inova on behalf of the German company Eggersmann Anlagen Concept for the Wielkopolskie Centrum Recyklingu waste incineration plant in Jarocin will treat around 15,000 tonnes of household organic and green waste a year to produce renewable energy and fertiliser.

IFAT 2022: Full-Range Supplier Eggersmann Presents Forward-Thinking Solutions for Waste Management


Digitalisation, automation, electric drives - these are the key topics for the recycling industry in the coming years. Full-liner Eggersmann will be using its presence at IFAT 2022 to present innovative technologies and processes in the areas of plant engineering, stationary technology (key machines) and mobile recycling machines to customers and visitors.

Eggersmann wins 1st prize at the MEWAR Awards


MEWAR Awards is the most prestigious event in the environmental sector that recognise outstanding individuals and organisations in the Middle East that have demonstrated leadership and innovation in their respective fields and have significantly contributed to environmental sustainability along with economic viability, ultimately contributing to the vision of the region’s governments of a greener future.

Blue Tech Environnement Becomes Eggersmann GmbH's new Dealer for the French Market


Eggersmann GmbH chose Blue Tech Environnement to sell its products on the French market. 

Eggersmann GmbH and Agrex-Eco Sp. z o.o. form sales partnership for reinforcement of Polish market presence


This partnership was sealed with the two managing directors Jacek W. Zawadzki (Agrex-Eco Sp. z o.o.) and Karlgünter Eggersmann (Eggersmann GmbH) signing the contract for the new sales cooperation from 01.09.2021.

Composting of farmyard manure with the BACKHUS Compost Turner


There is a daily production of large quantities of manure in agriculture and in horse stables which require a lot of space for storage and often causes odor problems. So the question is: Where to put the manure?

Eggersmann Anlagenbau implements recycling plant in Dubai for commercial waste from the world's largest offshore industrial park


Waste is a global problem that is growing every day, and with it landfill sites that produce CO2 and methane. It is a disaster for the environment and climate change. In Dubai, however, they are getting to grips with this problem and Eggersmann Anlagenbau was commissioned with the engineering planning and construction of a recycling plant for industrial, commercial and household waste.

Optimally equipped for the future – Eggersmann presents pioneering solutions for the worldwide reduction of CO2-emissions


With Eggersmann Fuel, the Eggersmann Group has developed a trailblazing complete system for the production of RDF which is especially suited for those countries with the highest population densities and the largest open-surface areas with simultaneously high average temperatures. Eggersmann Fuel significantly reduces landfill masses, leachate and CO2-emissions while at the same time protecting natural resources. At the heart of the system is the BACKHUS CON 100, which is currently the largest compost turner in the world, with a working width of 10 m.

BRT HARTNER presents: Customised Hopper Solutions for Plastics Processing


Under the brand name of BRT HARTNER, the Eggersmann GmbH offers specialised hopper solutions for plastics recyclers. It is a proven alternative to tower silos.

Pre-treatment of digestates with the Digestate Dryer BRT HARTNER DCD


A water content that is too high can slow down the composting process and reduce the quality of the final product. The Digestate Dryer of the Eggersmann brand BRT HARTNER homogenizes, loosens and dries digestates and fermentation residue. At the same time, ammonia is driven out of the material by pressure ventilation.

BRT HARTNER optimizes tool coating of its proven and well-established Bag Opener BO


Under the brand name of BRT HARTNER, the Eggersmann GmbH sells Dosing, Sorting and Opening Systems. One of the most sought-after products in the portfolio is the Bag Opener BRT HARTNER BO. Worldwide, almost 600 of these machines are already in operation and open hundreds of thousands of plastic bags daily.

Eggersmann sells innovative drying system to Iraq with the worlds’ largest turner


A newly developed system by Eggersmann for drying of Municipal Solid Waste is being put into service for the first time at a Mechanical- Biological Waste Treatment plant (MBT) in Iraq. Contracts were signed with the client, the Faruk Group, in December 2018 at Suleymaniyah, Iraq.

IFAT 2018: Eggersmann presents new biological drying and composting machine for the international market as well as expert lectures by renowned experts on the topic of RDF production


In recent years, the Eggersmann Group greatly broadened its range of products and services by acquiring various companies and brands. On some 750 m² of exhibition space (stand no. B5.427/526 plus exterior space between halls B5 and B6), visitors of this year’s IFAT will experience a myriad of solutions in the field of mechanical and biological waste processing as well as mobile and stationary product innovations in the area of shredding, screening, separating, turning and bag opening.

Generating Energy from Biomass


BEKON presents both an efficient and cost effective approach to the innovative generation of energy from organic waste with its BEKON MINI dry fermentation system. BEKON has recently added a new fermentation plant of this type to the existing composting and transfer station of KOMPOTEC Kompostierungsanlagen GmbH at Enger, Germany. The phased commissioning has already been completed.

Screening und shredding technology from Eggersmann for processing wood and bio-waste


The Eggersmann Group has a wide-reaching product portfolio of high-performance shredders, screening machines and windsifters at its disposal to treat all kinds of materials. To process wood and bio-waste the company offers multiple solutions of well-known brands.

Start-up of the 500th BRT HARTNER Bag Opener


BRT HARTNER is the expert for development and sales of equipment for sorting and recycling plants. In April 2017, the 500th Bag Opener was installed and commissioned at AGR-DAR in Herten, Germany.

The Eggersmann Group is expanding its product portfolio by acquiring the biological drying technology of CONVAERO GmbH


Bio-Dry™, the internationally well-established biological drying technology of CONVAERO, is being integrated via an asset deal into the portfolio of the Eggersmann Group with immediate effect. The contracts on the future cooperation were signed on 2nd March 2017.

FORUS pre-shredder replaces machine from the competition in MBT plant in the Polish town of Marszów, near Zary


Since November of this year, the SE 450 – a pre-shredder of the Eggersmann Group’s FORUS brand – has been found in use in a mechanical-biological treatment plant in Marszów. The MBT realized by the Eggersmann group of companies has been in operation since January 2015 and was to a large degree provided using their own product portfolio.

Eggersmann Group acquires BEKON


BEKON Holding AG, the technology leader for building batch-biogas plants, has been sold with retroactive effect from July 1st, 2016 to Eggersmann Group GmbH & Co. KG. The contracts about the future cooperation were signed at the BEKON headquarters in Unterfoehring on July 28th, 2016.

IFAT 2016


Eggersmann Group's representation at this year's IFAT included a whopping three trade fair stands as well as two outside areas. Apart from innovative concepts regarding recycling plants and methods, this year's big topics are the new products from the field of mobile and stationary key machines presented by the companies BACKHUS, Terra Select, FORUS and BRT Hartner. Eggersmann furthermore presents its own brand's first shredder.

One of the world's largest RDF plants will go into operation in Israel at end of the year


Eggersmann Plant (EAB) has constructed a new RDF plant in Tel Aviv. The assembly work has been in progress since the beginning of this year, and the scheduled commissioning will go ahead as planned at the end of 2015.