Two shaft shredder

The FORUS shredders well known as user-friendly got some groundbreaking new features!

A bolted flange coupling allows quick and safe replacement of the shredding shafts and thus easy adjustment on a variety of materials, such as green waste, waste wood, tapes, textiles, mattresses, plastics or bulky waste.

For the first time in a mobile FORUS shredder, a pressing device optimizes throughput by preventing bridging of light and bulky materials. The hopper walls which can be hydraulically lowered and a pedestal mounted in the machine allow a comfortable maintenance.


Technical Data

Working Data FORUS FLX 85 – 200 – 250 – 300
Axle base 570 mm
Flying circle of the tools 850 mm
Shredding shaft speed 8 – 33 rev./min
Drive of the shafts switchable asynchronous / synchronous
Shredding shaft drive hydraulically / mechanically
Gear box ratio i= 101.6
Electric- hydraulic unit 3 kW, 24 V
Conveyor discharge height
up tp 5.5 m (step less)
Conveyor belt speed 0.5 – 3 m/s (step less)
Lifting device for after breaker bar or shredding shafts Hydraulically liftable/ lowerable
Capacity of the lifting hopper part 3.7 m³
Hopper hydr. lifting, lowering, shifting
Side walls of the hopper hydraulical lifting, lowering
Rear wall of the hopper hydraulical lifting, lowering
Hydraulic tank capacity 250 l
Fuel tank capacity 1,000 l
Working Data FLX 85 – 200 FLX 85 – 250 FLX 85 – 300
Working length of the shredding shafts 2 m 2.5 m 3 m
Capacity of the fix hopper part 3.3 m³ 3.9 m³ 4.5 m³
Weight 34 t 36 t 38 t
Transport length (A) 8.3 m 8.9 m 9.5 m
Length of tracks (B) 4.68 m 5.19 m 5.72 m
Engine power 354 kW 405 kW 455 kW
Max. torque moment 320,000 Nm 360,000 Nm 400,000 Nm


Two shaft shredder

Two shaft shredder