Special Edition 250 Two-Shaft-Pre-Shredder

FORUS Pre-Shredders are specialists for all types of wood and waste – effortlessly shredding domestic waste, commercial and industrial waste, C&D waste, waste wood, green waste and rootstocks. The slow-running two-shaft-shredder also processes plastic films, paper, cardboard and electronic scrap just as efficiently. Depending on the shredding unit different rotor drives are used, from 2 x (multifunctional type, not synchronized) to 1 x (triangular knives, synchronized). The output sizes range from 150 to 500 mm depending on the type of the after breaker bar. The Special Edition 250 is a superb all-rounder that is reliably adapted to your requirements.

Included special equipment

  • Hydraulic liftable and lowerable overbelt magnet
  • Galvanized conveyor frame
  • Breaker bar, type A1 - A4
  • Hydraulic liftable and lowerable after breaker bar
  • Radio remote control
  • Lifting hopper

Technical Data

Driving power
Diesel engine VOLVO TAD 8, Tier 4 final, EU-Stage 4, 185 kW - 251 PS
Electric motor 132 kW
Rotor drive Triangular knives Multifunctional
Planetary gear box 1 x 2 x
Shredding unit Triangular knives Multifunctional
Rotors 2 rotors synchronized 2 rotors not synchronized
Knives 40 or 80 pieces 65 pieces
Speed of rotors 26 - 15 rpm 30 - 5 rpm
Diameter of rotors 570 mm 570 mm
Possible throughputs (Approximate rates – throughput may vary based upon input material)
Waste wood up to 20 tph
Household waste up to 25 tph
Commercial waste up to 12 tph
Green waste up to 15 tph
Biomass up to 50 tph
Loading heights
Filling height 2,500 mm
Discharge height 3,200 mm
Working position (mm)
10,000 x 2,500 x 3,300
Transport position (mm)
7,800 x 2,500 x 2,500
Breaker bar, type A1 to A4
Caterpillar undercarriage
Lifting axle
Machine weight
approx. 15 t





FORUS Pre-Shredder

FORUS Pre-Shredder