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Eggersmann Recylingtechnology

ESA app

Digital Process Optimisation

  • Modular design for your individual needs
  • Comprehensive real-time monitoring for plants and mobile machines
  • Live access to all data via app and browser for all platforms
  • Synergy effects through the evaluation of multiple data sources

The ESA app is the new Digital Platform for all Eggersmann Customers.

One App – many Features

Our app is comprised of a number of different modules that are designed with a single goal in mind: maximising efficiency in all your processes. For you, this means less paper, optimised use of resources, reduced downtimes and increased throughput

Select and combine the following modules according to your individual needs:

Maintenance Management

Planning, allocation, monitoring and documentation – all this is made much easier by the standardised presentation and automated updating of data bundled in a single overview. The system notifies you of any pending requirements and you can simply forward them to your maintenance team via push notification. 

Performance Monitoring

Holistic real-time monitoring and transparency of all relevant performance data provide unrivalled insights and analysis options. Optimise your processes and follow the results live on your monitor. From the entire plant system to machine groups and individual components, the visualisation of the data query can be set up for each hierarchy level.

Anomaly Detection

Large amounts of previously unused sensor and machine data are constantly checked for deviations by statistical and AI-based models. Performance fluctuations, overloads or possible faults are detected at an early stage and recommendations for action are issued via push notification.


All events at one place – document everything happening in your plant easily and fast. From that you can create shift or error protocols within a few clicks. Keep all employees up to date – send the logs directly by email from your app.


Here you will find digital training courses on various topics and machines. Time-consuming and cost-intensive face-to-face events are avoided. At the same time, the function provides you with an overview of completed training courses and offers informative accompanying material. Your staff will learn how to maximise the potential of the system through correct handling.

Download now The Eggersmann ESA app

Download the Eggersmann ESA app now from your Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Use in Plant or Mobile Applications