Stationary Universal Shredder

TEUTON ZS 55 by Eggersmann is currently the most versatile stationary shredder on the market.

From coarse pre-shredding – even of the most difficult feed materials – to the finished end product, the TEUTON ZS 55 offers great application versatility thanks to its unique screen basket system. The machine can be flexibly set up to account for various framework conditions such as input material, throughput and desired end grain size and can this be incorporated into existing recycling processes and plants with ease.

Thanks to its sturdy steel construction, TEUTON ZS 55 can deal with extremely high stress and thus delivers a continuous shredding process as well as a uniform discharge of shredded material to the downstream conveying systems.

TEUTON ZS 55 only requires minimal maintenance. The daily check requires nothing more than opening the shredding chamber from the machine’s touch panel, providing safe and comfortable access.

Technical data

Totel weight 20 t
Engine Motor 2 x three-phase 160 kW (optional 200 kW)
Number of replaceable teeth / shredding rotor 30
Rotor length 3,000 mm
Rotor speed (variabel) max. 40 rpm
Rotor drive electro / hydraulic planetary gear
Rotor diameter max. 1,050 mm Ø
Control Control IFM with 12.1 “ touch panel + Remote Control





Slow-Speed Universal Shredder

Slow-Speed Universal Shredder