Tunnel filling system front loader

The input system fills rotting and fermentation tunnels. A diagonally movable transfer bridge is installed upstream of the tunnel system, which includes a bridge belt as well as a filling shuttle with two transport belts and the Swivel distribution belt and moves between the tunnels.

The filling shuttle is able to enter the assigned tunnels on both sides and fill these in layers with the two transport belts. On the top, the tunnel walls are equipped with a continuous running beam consisting of reinforced concrete on which the filling shuttle moves. The filling shuttle carries a transport belt and pulls a second transport belt along with it into the tunnel for filling. This telescope principle makes it possible to fill long tunnels with a relatively short filling bridge. A swivel distribution belt is installed beneath the filling shuttle, which distributes the material across the entire tunnel surface up to the tunnel walls.

The material transferred on the transport belts is distributed in longitudinal direction and on the swivel distribution belt by the travel speed adapted to the material flow in such a way that layers with a relatively even thickness can be filled in. A permanently mounted supply belt is installed in front of the tunnel system. A scraper cart located on the supply bridge supplies the material to the transport belts via the bridge belt. Integral component of the supply belt is a volumetric flow rate measuring device that influences the control of the distribution function and thus the speed of the filling shuttle.

For optimum homogenisation, the material is filled in in several horizontal layers across the entire tunnel surface until the desired fill height is reached. Sensors record the fill height across the entire filling surface. Filling corrections are performed in the process until the specified fill height is achieved across the entire filling surface.  

    Technical Data

    Tunnel width

    Tunnel length

    Filling height


    4 - 8 m

    14 - 35 m

    2,70 m

    50 - 400 m³