Sliding belt conveyor GGF280

The sliding belt conveyor is used with lightweight transported materials. The conveyor is manufactured in a segmented construction. The conveyor belt frame is comprised of stable edge profiles equipped with all cut-outs and bore holes required for attaching accessories. The glide surface of the transported material can be reinforced in the input area.

The drive drum is fully gummed in order to exclude slipping in case of moisture. In the interest of easier servicing the drive and deflection drums are equipped with thread adapters. The conveyor belt slides over the surface and only top-brand belts from DUNLOP and CONTI are used. The return rollers are ball bearing – supported and easily replaced, even though they are protected against operator intervention by the lower belt cover.

The standard lower belt cover is in planar form, as this allows easy maintenance and cleaning. The feeding and discharge hoppers are adapted to the respective sites. The supports can be adapted to local requirements.

    Technical Data

    Belt width

    Working width


    600 mm

    605 mm

    700 mm

    800 mm

    805 mm

    900 mm

    1.000 mm

    1.005 mm

    1.100 mm

    1.200 mm

    1.205 mm

    1.300 mm

    1.400 mm

    1.405 mm

    1.500 mm

    1.600 mm

    1.605 mm

    1.700 mm

    1.800 mm

    1.805 mm

    1.900 mm

    2.000 mm

    2.005 mm

    2.100 mm