Chain belt conveyor KGF

The chain conveyor belt is used with light-weight and heavy transported materials, such as press-feed conveyors and storage discharge conveyors.

The conveyor is manufactured in a segmented construction. The belt frame is comprised of heavy, stable and torsion-resistant steel plating and profile constructions. The conveyor chain is an M112 massive bolt chain with 60 mm diameter rollers and 125 mm graduation.

The conveyor chain is supplied with lubricant from a central oiler system. Belt support profiles are attached by screws between the chains in intervals of 250 mm. The belt is attached with screws to the belt support profiles and the chain. The driver pins on the upper sider of the belt are connected every 750 mm to the belt support profiles. Only top-brand belts from DUNLOP and CONTI are used.

Support strips are continuously arranged at the feed position. The lower drum of the chain conveyor is provided with protection against operator intervention in the dangerous area. The feeding and discharge hoppers are adapted to the respective sites. The supports can be adapted to local requirements. Walkable and drivable pit covers, including peripheral angle, can be provided in the feed area.

    Technical Data

    Belt width

    Working width


    900 mm

    820 mm

    1.264 mm

    1.100 mm

    1.020 mm

    1.464 mm

    1.300 mm

    1.220 mm

    1.664 mm

    1.500 mm

    1.420 mm

    1.864 mm

    1.700 mm

    1.620 mm

    2.064 mm

    1.900 mm

    1.820 mm

    2.264 mm

    2.100 mm

    2.020 mm

    2.464 mm