General contractor

Planning and construction of recycling facilities

In its role as a general contractor, Eggersmann establishes public and commercial projects and is responsible for all work involved in planning and construction of recycling plants. These include

  • engineering
  • implementation planning
  • procurement
  • production and supply of machinery and conveying/handling systems
  • Installation
  • start-up
  • trial operation
  • turnkey handover of the plant
  • all the civil-engineering for the project

With our effective deployment and smooth integration of professionals from all disciplines we can guarantee high levels of reliability at all stages of the project.

Recycling plants supplied by Eggersmann are particularly well-integrated in terms of infrastructure, control and regulating systems. In order to ensure a smooth handover, our experts remain onsite until the system is up and running in normal operation.


EM Zary



Transform your waste

Transform your waste


Collection hall

Screen Drum

Rotting hall with rotting tunnels

View over the entire complex 1

View over the entire complex 2

View over the entire complex 3


MBT Zary

Plant for mechanical-biological waste treatment (MBA) in Polish Zary - designed, built and equipped in cooperation between different companies of the Eggersmann group.