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Eggersmann Recylingtechnology

Passion for Environmental Technology – we are EcoEngineers

Recycling technology is something unique. With large machines and solid steel structures, we are making the world more sustainable and protect the environment.

We Stand for Practiced Sustainability

Every day, we work on new technologies, products and projects for a future worth living. As passionate engineers, we are proud to actively contribute to environmental protection with our solutions. That is why we define ourselves as EcoEngineers.

One example: by composting organic waste such as manure, our BACKHUS make an important contribution to more sustainable agriculture. After all, the compost can later be used as a natural fertilizer.

However, we do not limit ourselves to individual solutions, but take a holistic approach to recycling: with our partner companies within Eggersmann Recycling Technology, we are not only experts in the recovery of recyclable materials and waste treatment, but also in the generation of biogas and the production of substitute fuels. We are therefore helping to shape the future of both the circular economy and energy generation.

Beyond the Cycle

Many recycling loops have yet to be closed. However, this is already different for biological waste. By separating your waste on a daily basis and using existing processes for treatment and composting, it has already been possible to create a closed cycle. The end result is high-quality compost.

With our BEKON dry fermentation processes, we go beyond this cycle. Our efficient solutions for producing large quantities of biogas realise the full potential of biomass. This turns waste treatment plants into power stations. Biogas can be converted directly into electricity and can also be stored. This means it can be used in the event of energy bottlenecks. It can also be refined into biomethane of natural gas quality or fuel (compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG)).

Sustainability Report

But we want even more! For the first time, we have therefore prepared and submitted a joint CSR report for 2022 in cross-company collaboration. We have also created a shortend version of this report. In addition to our corporate philosophy, it contains many interesting facts and figures as well as exciting projects. It is therefore the ideal starting point for anyone who wants to find out more about our work and our Group.

In this short version prepared especially for you, our entire Group introduces itself personally.

To the short report

This link will take you to the long version of our sustainability report in accordance with DNK guidelines.

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