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Eggersmann Recylingtechnology

Eggersmann Recycling Technology

Tailor-made solutions for a wide range of applications. From mobile machines to large-scale systems. That is Eggersmann.

Waste Treatment of all Kinds

As Eggersmann Recycling Technology, we are the recycling division of the internationally operating Eggersmann Group. We offer customised solutions for almost every application

It all began in 1951 with the construction company Fechtelkord & Eggersmann. Today we are a group with the business units of construction, recycling and composting. How it all came about? It was our aspiration for a more sustainable economy and the desire to make our own contribution to environmental protection that led us on this path. As a construction company with a focus on municipal contracts, we quickly learned about the advantages and great value of composting as well as recycling plants in cooperation with other plant engineers. 

We completed our first composting plant as early as 1993 and have been operating it through the KOMPOTEC GmbH ever since. Further plants followed, so that by now five biogas and composting plants belong to our group.

After many years of cooperation with renowned plant engineers, we started our own Eggersmann plant engineering company in 2010. Since then, we have been designing, building and operating waste treatment plants.

Eggersmann Anlagenbau is the heart of our blue division, it was our entry into the recycling industry and realises projects of all sizes worldwide. Our expertise extends from engineering to implementation planning, procurement, production and delivery of the steel construction as well as the machine and conveyor technology, right through to the assembly, commissioning and operation of the plants. We have decades of experience, both in the field of mechanical and biological (aerobic as well as anaerobic) treatment methods and processes.

As a general contractor, it has always been important for us to be a reliable cooperation partner not only for our customers, but also for our suppliers and service providers. This is how, for example, a close cooperation with the companies BRT and HARTNER came into being. Once renowned competitors in the field of stationary opening, dosing and sorting systems, they have been successfully joining forces within our group since 2013. Together, as BRT HARTNER GmbH, they cover our entire product portfolio for stationary recycling equipment.

The companies BEKON, FORUS, TERRA SELECT and BACKHUS have also joined our network over the years. Through BEKON, we offer a dry fermentation process for the production of biogas from waste, which is characterised by its robustness and reliability. BEKON plants are base-load capable, which distinguishes them strongly from the otherwise rather volatile renewable energies.

With Eggersmann FUEL, we have also developed a process for the production of refuse-derived fuels that focuses particularly strongly on the utilisation of biomass in municipal waste through efficient biological drying. Therefore, the substitute fuel produced with our process is more sustainable than many comparable products.